Nyah Grace, an up-and- coming soul singer-songwriter, joined us for an interview to talk about her latest single Sunday.

Hi, how are you?

I’m good! I’m currently quarantining at my home but doing alright.

Me too. So, how did your journey into music start?

I started singing at the age of six, and then learned how to play basic chords on piano at around age 11. It was around that time that I started songwriting, though none of it was any good. I picked up guitar around 13 or 14 and really started to become serious about my career at that time.

How did your song Sunday come about, what was the inspiration for it?

I wrote this Sunday with the very talented Steve Chrisanthou. The two of us decided the album could use another song with a totally different flavor to what we’d been working on previously, so I found an old hip hop kit loop on youtube and ran through it about 1000 times before coming up with the chord progression. There wasn’t any one event or person in my life that inspired me to write this song. Steve and I both agreed that the idea of wanting to wake up with someone on a Sunday morning is something practically every person on earth can relate to. Sunday to me is a song about one of our most basic human needs to be wanted and loved.

Did you face any challenges when writing the song?

The biggest challenge we faced when writing this was the last chorus. It was changed and re-recorded about four times until Steve, and I finally arrived at the version on the record.

What have you got planned for 2020, any new singles or albums?

I plan on releasing one or two more singles within the next couple months, followed by my album around the summertime!

Our final question, what is your definition of culture?

For me, the most prominent aspect of one’s culture is art, and more specifically, music. Where and how I grew up played a big role in my development as a singer and songwriter, and is the reason for why my music sounds the way that it does. My culture defined this song in one way or another, and I am more than happy with how it turned out.