Casa Cook Chania by Lambs and Lions

    Lambs and Lions, a design studio and consultancy which was founded in 2012 by creative director Michael Schickinger, presented a beautiful project for their client Ledra Hotels & Villas. The project showcases a hotel with a beach vibe that brings a stunning nature element.

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    Creative Lead:
    Lambs and Lions

    Architectural Concept and Interior Design:
    Lambs and Lions

    Architectural Design and Master-Planning:
    K-studio in collaboration with Lambs and Lions

    Interior Styling and Curation:
    Annabell Kutucu in collaboration with Lambs and Lions

    Crete, Greece

    Ledra Hotels & Villas

    Fytron Landscaping
    Lighting & Architecture

    Georg Roske, Ana Santl

    K-studio & Fat Tony Studio

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