Watch: This Is English (2019)

This Is English is a superb comedy film which puts a twist on the classic British film This is England (2006). In this short film, a group of middle-aged men fight a war against misspelling.


Written by Liam Wilson
Directed by That Jam
A Blue Movies & Studio Yes Production
Producer Lucinda Hayden
Executive Producer Charlie Falconer
Executive Producer Adam Morley
Executive Producer Sam Ojari
DOP Mike O’Connor
Production Designer Myles Grimsdale
Sound Design Ben Leeves at Jungle
Editor Ella Oliver at TenThree


Jack Doolan
David Schaal
Donna Preston
Harry Sherriff
Dean Kilbey
Nick Pearse
Maria Hildebrand
Amer Chadha Patel
Paul Dewdney
Ben Higgs
Michael Haynes
Timon Woodward