Few Ways to Care About Your Health During Lockdown

    Being in lockdown for extended amounts of time is draining and stressful. Along with the isolation, there are also money problems, health concerns, political debate, job insecurity, and shortages of common household items. That is a lot for anyone to be dealing with at a time. You may also have other concerns not listed due to your personal circumstances. 

    No matter who you are, you are dealing with a lot of added stress which can put a strain on your mental health. It is important with everything else you have going on to prioritize your mental and emotional well-being as well. Here are some tips depending on your personality type and some general tips as well to help you make the most of your time in lockdown. 

    General Tips

    No matter who you are you should not cut yourself off from friends and family. Make sure you are reaching out for support when you need it and seek professional help if you are really struggling. You should also be sure to take care of your physical body by eating healthy, exercising, drinking water, getting enough sleep, and showering regularly. This is a basic baseline that everyone should start with no matter their personality. 

    The Do-er

    Some people feel better when they are busy and still accomplishing things. While it is important to relax, it is maybe even more important for these people to feel like they did something with their day. If you are a do-er, you are not going to feel well mentally if you just sit around all day not doing anything. 

    There are many ways you can be sure you are keeping busy. You could learn a new hobby like crocheting or something artists. You could also try your hand at baking or cooking new recipes. You could try a new way to exercise that seems interesting to you by following videos on YouTube. You could also spend some time doing home improvement projects that always seem to get put off until later. 

    Another area you may want to look into is starting a small, online based business. There are so many ways to do this, that there is something to fit everyone’s skill set. With more people spending time online and that business addresses are now affordable, it is easier than ever to test your entrepreneurial skills out. 

    The Worrier

    Some people have a predisposition to worry a lot. If you fall into this category, then you are probably pushed to your mental and emotional limits right now. You need to prioritize relaxing. Make time to take a break from everything you are trying to juggle. Even if you can only take a break for 15 minutes, this is a good place to start. During this time, you should do something that you enjoy that helps you relax and not focus on everything there is to worry about. If you don’t have any ideas, then starting with a mindfulness meditation or yoga routine can be very helpful. 

    The Social Butterfly

    If you are usually the one hosting or attending a gettogether as often as possible, you may be going a little stir crazy right now. There are still ways you can remain social during lockdown. Finding ways to stay connected to others in meaningful ways is going to be key to your mental health success. 

    Some ways you can stay connected to other people is via technology. Video calls or conferencing software helps people connect one-on-one or in large groups. There are also many Facebook groups designated to help people feel more connected. You may even want to think of ways to see your friends and family members while still following social distancing guidelines. Probably a combination of all of these things is what you will need to stay happy and connected. 

    The Empath

    Like the worrier, you also have a lot more going on emotionally than most. Everyone is so worried and feeling so many deep emotions, that yours are practically fried. It would also benefit you to practice some mindfulness and deep breathing exercises to help restore what is drained. 

    You may also want to limit your time on social media or the internet. Constantly scrolling through everyone else’s problems and concerns is only going to drain you more. Consider taking a break from social media, or at least limiting the amount of time you spend on it. 

    Take time for yourself to recharge and work through your own emotions. Things like journaling or other forms of writing are a great way to get big feelings outside of you. You should also find someone you trust to talk to once in a while about how you are feeling. 

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