How to Build Good Content for Virtual Reality Apps?

    Though the term “virtual reality” still sounds like something that we all will have one day, this future is just around the corner. In very deed, virtual reality technology is applied to app development, and in this insightful review, we’ll demonstrate in what industries VR technology has already been adopted and share some tips on how to properly build content for VR mobile apps.

    Let’s start with the basics. VR means a simulated environment that imitates physical presence in the reality. To immerse oneself in a VR world, a user should obtain a stereoscopic Head Mounted Display and a smartphone. You can find more information on how to build VR apps in this article. It’s a comprehensive guide with lots of superb tips to follow. Now, we are going to discuss what particular industries have already started using VR technology.

    Overview of The Main Industries That Are Already Using VR Technology

    You know that the modern world is constantly evolving and technology is also not bogged down. Very soon, VR will be everywhere. The below-listed industries have already started using VR benefits.


    The Ascape VR app is the best example that demonstrates the use of VR in this industry. The app enables users to go on VR tours to absolutely any world city. You can see monuments, visit cafes, museums, entertainment options virtually! Apps like this allow you to properly plan your future trips. But if you can’t travel at the moment, such apps are a superb solution to entertain yourself when you are made to stay at home in a post-pandemic world.

    Real estate

    VR is widely used in this niche. Moreover, it helps push up sales. It is used to organize 3D tours to demonstrate real estate properties to customers. This technology allows the representatives of this industry to sell apartments or houses faster because it provides a fully immersive experience. Simply put, when seeing the object that is offered for sale, customers feel as if they are inside the building.

    Automotive industry

    Ford has already started using VR technology to create 3D tours for their clients. This is a superb chance to test vehicles before you see them in real life. Overall, it’s a worthy solution for testing vehicles online and choosing the right car that will suit your needs best of all.


    It goes without saying that students of various higher educational establishments remember the material faster if they experience it instead of just reading. In such a scenario, the use of VR apps might be the best solution! Educational VR mobile apps enable academicians to immerse themselves in the culture of other countries, study the body, organize virtual trips, and much more!

    Though VR technology gradually becomes more and more popular, it is still in the early stages of development. Very soon, VR mobile apps will grow into something incredible!

    Tips on Building Content for Mobile Apps Based on VR

    In fact, there are only two ways of developing content for VR apps. So let’s take a closer look at each of them.

    Making a 360-degree video

    This is probably the easiest way to create VR content. In this case, only a camera is needed to create top-notch content. To make a 360-degree video, you only need to have a 360-degree spherical camera. When choosing the tool, you should make sure it can capture videos of the highest quality. When shooting, you should keep the camera in a still position. A lot depends on the type of video that you want to shoot. In this case, there are a few solutions for you:

    • You can place a camera on a tripod;
    • You can mount the camera on a cameraman;
    • You can use drones to create footage.

    However, you should bear in mind that the equipment will be visible in the footage. So you should hide it at the editing stage.

    3D Animation

    It is safe to say that 3D animation allows users to show something that is impossible to capture in the real world. 3D animation enables users to click on certain buttons and move around in a virtual world. Moreover, 3D animation allows users to take a closer look at some things as if they do in real life.

    For creating 3D models, you need to buy a camera that can be affixed to your tablet. It works like a 3D scanner that can capture everything that happens in the real world and if necessary, it can transform content in 3D models. The Structure Sensor is the most effective tool to use in this case. Unreal Design or Unity are used for creating interior design or game development. But in such a scenario, you also need to have an Android-based device, a headset and Google VR SDK.

    Moreover, if you want to build simple 3D environments, you can also use such tools as Maya, Blender, 3DMax, LightWave, Houdini or Cinema 4D.

    Here are the main forms of 3D graphics:

    • 3D modelling;
    • Stereoscopic 3D effects;
    • Computer animation;
    • Product design;
    • Graphic and motion design;
    • Visual effects.

    Though this technology is at the pinnacle of success today, it is still not perfect. There are new challenges ahead. Nevertheless, the growing interest in VR opportunities means that all tech issues that may occur while developing apps or building content for them may very soon be solved.



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