5 Superb Looking Socks to Wear with a Suit in 2020

    Socks can be an essential part of your outfit, especially if they stand out from your outfit. When it comes to suits, we love to wear plain black or grey socks, but sometimes it can be fun to mix it up with some funky patterned socks or socks that remind us of something we love. With this ever-growing trend of business people wearing funky socks reaching new heights, we have made a list of 5 eye-pleasing socks you can wear with a suit.

    Polka Dot Socks, Reiss

    Polka dot socks can be a great way to bring more life to your outfit. They can be matched with a polka dot square pocket — if you fancy. Polka dot socks do come in various colours, most popular are navy and black, but can also look great reversed with the dominant colour being white and dots being in blue/black.

    £12.99 – Polka dot socks, Reiss.

    Socks in Contrast, Richard James

    These socks won’t make you look crazy but will bring a flow of colour to your look that will adapt nicely with your overall outfit. In terms of combinations, you can mix this with a classic navy suit for more blend, or go with a lighter suit to bring a more dynamic look.

    £10 – Socks in Contrast, Richard James

    Pointer Socks, Barbour

    We cannot forget our best friends — dogs. With these superbly designed socks, Barbour keeps us closer to our pets than ever before. It’s quirky, and we love it.

    £9.95 – Pointer Socks, Barbour

    Dragonfly Printed Socks, Ted Baker

    This stylish pair of socks is brought to us by Ted Baker, a respected British clothing company known for some superb designs over the years. These socks utilise a quirky and beautiful design that incorporates dragonflies, making it a bookmarked product for the shopping list.

    £9 – Dragonfly Printed Socks, Ted Baker

    Watermelon Socks, Happy Socks

    With the summer weather being present, sometimes it’s nice to think of refreshing fruit when you’re on a business call. These watermelon socks will help you do that; in fact, they will make you stand out from the crowd.

    £11.95 – Watermelon Socks, Happy Socks

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