How to Take the Best Selfies When You Travel By Yourself

    Every journey is a pleasure, and it rests the body and soul. Everyone needs a vacation sometimes, but not everyone can afford ten days of going to some exotic destination. There is an increasing trend of people turning to nature for a few days to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

    When you are happy and relaxed in beautiful landscapes, you surely want to remember the moment. Traveling with someone, there is always another person who can take a picture of you. However, what should solo travelers do? 

    These are some basic tips on how solo travelers can take the best selfies: 

    1. Invest In A Handy Selfie Camera

    If you want to take memorable photos, you’ll need to buy a good travel camera. For starters, it should be light and easily portable, and you don’t even have to spend a fortune on this device. The camera should be travel-friendly and not attract too much attention, because then it’s a target for thieves. Beware of this, especially if you’re traveling alone. 

    The best selfie cameras have extra-large rotating LCD screens so you can always see what the picture looks like. Try to find a digital sensor camera, which is a better option than ordinary point-and-shoot cameras or smartphones. These devices have optical zoom in them and are great cameras for aspiring photography

    1. Having A Selfie Tripod Or Stick Is A Must

    It appears that selfie sticks are pretty handy inventions, especially for tourists traveling alone. Don’t be ashamed to take out this stick or tripod whenever you see a breathtaking sight or some other sight. These accessories provide the great benefit of making your camera stable. 

    The tripod takes up a little more space than a selfie stick, so look for lighter and more compact ones packed in a bag. When you come across something worth taking pictures of, it won’t take you long to set the camera to tripod, turn on the timer, and take a picture of that scene or yourself with that scene. 

    1. Use Handy Features Like Wireless Control And Timer

    A timer is a replacement for a friend who would take a picture of you. This add-on provides the perfect way to take remarkable selfies and photos. 

    Find a spot to place your camera and mini-tripod. Set the timer to 10 or 15 seconds. Think of how you’ll pose so you won’t waste time. 

    If you don’t want to hurry to take a perfect shot, consider investing in a wireless remote control for your camera. That way, you can make the shot whenever you’re ready and find the best angle. Take as many photos as you want until you finally make a perfect shot of yourself. 

    1. Find The Inspiration

    If you’re planning a trip by yourself, reading travel blogs can give you some ideas about which places to visit and what is worth painting. You can also take a look at social network accounts and look for inspiration from bloggers, influencers, or anyone who has fantastic travel photos. 

    Don’t hesitate to recreate every stunning photo you like. When you gain experience in painting, you can give your photos a personal stamp and something unique to you (forget about sticking out tongues and raised thumbs – it’s not unique or trendy anymore). 

    1. Carefully Choose The Background And Lighting

    For a good selfie, you need a good background. Most likes and attention on social networks will attract pictures of smiling faces surrounded by beautiful scenery. So, if you want to take the perfect travel shot all by yourself, make sure to find the right place for that. 

    Diffused natural light is always the best choice. Unlike the flash, it’s quite soft and makes every picture look good, without seeing everything down to the last detail. That’s especially good for selfie photos because imperfections such as wrinkles or pimples are less noticeable in natural light. Avoid pictures in direct sunlight, as you may appear too pale and washed out. 

    As for the background, don’t pose in front of something that will overpower you. Try to make a balance between you and the background. For example, if you’re wearing black or dark-blue clothes, take a shot in front of light-colored backgrounds. Do not always make template images. Let you be in the foreground on one, and let your face be in one corner on the other, and most of it is occupied by the scene you’re painting. 

    1. Ask Someone To Take A Shot Of You

    If you travel alone, it does not necessarily mean that you have to spend the whole trip alone. Ask another tourist or passerby to take a picture of you. Look for a friendly-looking person, but be careful about entrusting your devices to a random person. 

    Give them a few instructions on how you want your photo to look like. Yet, others may not always listen to your instructions, so you may not get the desired results every time. However, giving them a chance and asking them to take a few shots in a row should be fine. 


    People who travel alone can experience the journey in a completely different way. They can relax and enjoy it because they don’t have to worry about companions either. The lack of a photo-taking buddy can be easily compensated by proper equipment, add-ons, and learning how to best photograph yourself. 

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