Step by Step Guide on How to Play Online Slots

Online slots are probably one of the easiest casino games to play, if not the easiest. However, there are so many different types to choose from and places where you can play that it might all be just a little too much. If you find yourself in this boat, it’s nothing to lose sleep over. Find below a step by step guide on how to get started and play now with online slots.

Finding the Right Game

While many believe that playing online slots should start with choosing and registering at an online casino, this article suggests that you choose a slot first. This might seem like an odd place to start, but it is quite logical. Once you have found the best slot type for you, you can look at the casinos that offer more of what you are interested in.

Some of the slot characteristics that could help you determine the best slot game for you include the number of reels, number of paylines, jackpot type and theme. However, the best way to decide which games you prefer is to play a few of each style in demo mode.

Choose an Online Casino Site That Offers What You Are Looking for Along with Great Casino Promotions

Choosing an online casino website is not just about choosing the best welcome bonus. Remember, this is where you will be spending your time and money. At first, try to look past the welcome bonus. This might be difficult but try.

If you have completed the first step, then you will know exactly what you are looking for. Now, what you want to do is make sure that the casinos you are looking at offers what you are looking for. There might be more than one that offers exactly what you are looking for, or you might see that different casinos have some of what you are looking for. Ideally, you’d want a casino that has everything you need in one place.

If you have many options, to narrow it down you could look at the casinos offering the best bonuses and welcome packages. However, before signing up based solely on the bonus offer, make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.


Only after you know what you prefer and where to find it do you register an account at an online casino. This is probably the easiest step in this entire process. The online site will want to be sure that you are over the age of 18. On the first page, you will almost always be asked to provide some basic information like a username, password and an email address. The next page will require personal information to help setup your account. This would include your full names, ID number, gender and date of birth.

Online casinos will also offer you the option of opting-in to receive updates on any special offers or promotions. However, you are not obligated to opt-in. Then all you must do is click on the Register button and you are set to go.


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