eSports has Opened New Doors for Betting

    Online betting is not a new thing these days since you would find hundreds of options when it comes to betting on any of the events of popular sports games. In the last two decades, betting on the internet has witnessed some profound changes and development. Since the widespread usage of smartphones, the last few years have proved pinnacle for sports betting. The sports betting market is valued at around $85 billion recently and soon it going to reach $100 billion in the next few years. New changes and prominent additions are carried out in the sports betting world every year. Recently the addition of eSport in the betting industry has made a new menu for the punters.

    eSports and Betting

    All these years, punters have been wagering on traditional sports like basketball, horse racing, but modern tech has opened a totally new concept of eSports. Just like any other sports game, tournaments and competitions are organized where professional gamers take participation. Such competitions have also attracted many viewers (fans of the games) across the world. Seeing the opportunity, many sportsbooks started offering bets on such eSports tournaments and events. Now, most of the popular sports betting apps and sites offer to bet on major eSports events and this is really a new thing for punters as well as gamers across the world.

    New Customers (Gamers) Are Attracted to the Betting Industry

    Sports betting platforms, whether online or offline, have been offering bets on sports games for many years and that is why it has gained the crowd of sports games. But with eSports, more and more gamers could incline to eSports betting which eventually would be a totally new customer-base for the already established sports betting industry.

    On game streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube, gamers earn hefty money from the fans who like to watch the live gaming of the professionals. This is one of the things that has encouraged the popularity of eSport. People who don’t even play the game would also be watching and wagering money on such events of their interest. So, eSport has surely attracted a new market of the customers toward the sports betting industry.

    New Sports Betting Menu for Old Punters

    It is obvious that eSports has brought market of gamers to sports betting but it has also brought a new thing of excitement for old punters. As we said, there are lots of options for sports games at betting sites, but still, it wasn’t enough for some bettors who were looking for an even more exciting and fresh concept. So, the punters who were seeking new options in sports betting have accepted eSport with open arms. The tips, odds, strategies, and many other things in games like basketball, football, and soccer but these things totally change in eSport betting.

    So, the old punters have got a new option to place bets on and this has surely risen the excitement. A new dedicated section of eSport has been added to all the prominent online sports betting platforms which also has different offers and bonus offers.

    More Excitement, More Risks, and More Study

    Because the eSport industry is a new arrival and there are not many big names yet in the field, it is hard to make predictions and wagering on a particular player or event. Well, there are quite a few players in the eSport industry that could be said Kobe or Ronaldo of their field so punters can make a prediction but still more research is required to bet your money safely.

    Online sportsbooks offer odds and important tips along with a place to bet on eSports events. A punter has to analyze the odds in a different way from the other sport games. This is risky as it is new but there is excitement freshness for the bettors so, it has become fashion or the latest trend among them.

    More Chances of Beating Bookmakers

    Aforementioned information state that eSport is a relatively new sports industry and that is why online betting sites may find it difficult to set offer for eSport tournaments that are going. So, if a bettor knows various significant things about the eSports events, games, players, and the teams then, the chances of beating bookmakers are really high. So, this new addition to the sports betting industry can be a rewarding option for the bettors with equipped knowledge.

    Anything Can Happen in the Game

    Just like any other sports, players and teams are offered as favorite and underdog in eSport betting as well. But here, the chances of winning of outsiders are comparatively higher than favorites since anything could happen here. The recent study on the history of eSport has shown that there are more chances of outsiders to win in eSport than any other sports. So, this again leads to our previous where bookmakers find it difficult to predict winners and the punters have more chances of win the bet.

    More Games More Bets

    In any other sports game, it is impossible to conduct multiple games in a day but in the field of eSports, multiple games can happen in a single day. The gameplay is usually of an hour or two and when there is no physical fatigue of the players, multiple games can be happened played in a day. So, punters can bet in larger numbers.

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