Interview: Bakermat

    Bakermat, a Dutch DJ and music producer, today released his latest ten-track album The Ringmaster. The album features several big tracks including the highly-streamed ‘Baianá’ which has over 100 million streams and features on the popular football game FIFA 21. To talk about his past, the album, and the impact COVID-19 has had on his album, he joined us for an interview.

    Hi, how are you?

    I’m doing very well!

    Give us an insight into how your journey into music production began?

    I started out pretty young, making electro music and posting it on blogs. I did it purely for fun and never really intended to make a career out of it. It’s really cool though that it turned into something I can make a living off now!

    With COVID-19 affecting touring for many artists, what has been the most significant thing you’ve missed since not being able to perform?

    Well I really just miss the excitement, my life is quite relaxed and regular right now, which is great, but I do miss the travel, going to places that surprise me and meeting strange people. Also performing is something that’s really necessary for an artist to connect with his fans in real life. Comments and likes are nice, but nothing beats partying together in a crowded room or festival.

    You’ve had quite the success with ‘Baianá,’ reaching over 100 million streams via Spotify alone and now being included on FIFA 21, what inspired the song and what do you think made it such a success?

    I tour a lot in Brazil, and with every trip I appreciate the culture more and more, especially the music. At one point my brother in law sent me this piece of music from traditional Brazilian choir Barbatuques, and I fell in love with it straight away. I think combining the traditional choir with chords and saxophone is what makes the track stand out and successful.

    In terms of The Ringmaster, what is the ideas and themes that hold the album together?

    Well the main strength of the album is the diversity. As a producer I really love making songs in different styles and genres, whilst still maintaining my own sound. Because I make everything myself, it will always sound like ‘Bakermat’. In this album I go from sad ballads to high tempo rock to dancefloor house. And even though the tracks are different, they really fit together!

    Your song ‘Bad Dreams’ leads the forthcoming album The Ringmaster, how did meaning for the song come about?

    My music is usually very happy, but life doesn’t just consist of happy moments, it also consists of sad ones. I wanted to make a tune that’s sad for once, because it broadens your spectrum as an artist. The lyrics by 7Chariot really moved me and I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to produce a sad ballad kinda song when I first heard it.

    Did you find any difficulties creating the album, especially with the impact of COVID-19?

    Actually, everything that’s going on at the moment with COVID made it a bit easier because I didn’t have a time-consuming tour. I had all the time in the world at home to finish everything. So, it definitely sped up the process!

    Having produced for quite a few years, how has the process changed over time? Do you find new techniques more reliable, and do you feel you have more freedom now with the vaster knowledge gained over time?

    The more I got to know about producing, the simpler I work. For example, I used to use a ton of effects and complex techniques, but I now know that these are usually unnecessary. It’s all about the basic stuff in the end. Also, as you get more experienced you’re way more aware of what specific thing you’re really good at, and what you suck at. I really only focus on the things I’m really good at now!

    Finally, what do you hope to achieve with the album, is there a set goal?

    I hope for the music to become a soundtrack in special moments in someone’s life. I want my music to comfort people during rough times, and cheer people during happy times. I want someone to get that feeling in their chest when they hear the first couple of notes. Most of all; it should make people feel something.

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