The Top 5 Color Trends For Autumn Fashion 2020

    Autumn is one of the best times of the year in terms of fashion. It’s a period that bridges the gap between summer and winter fashions, allowing for some unique concepts and designs. If you’re a fan of fashion shows, you’ve probably noticed a few trends popping up this year. Personally, there are two main things to love about autumn fashion. Firstly, the diversity of clothing items and looks is amazing. You have some outfits that cling to summer fashion, and others that are more tuned to the colder days of winter. It lets you play around with various styles to find an outfit that suits the weather on any day in autumn. 

    Secondly, the autumn fashion colors are always a treat. Generally, this season brings out the best colors in the world. Look outside your window and you will see all the evidence you need. Trees are decorated with golden brown leaves, the sky is blue – it’s perfect! Still, each year, we’re treated to some new and exciting color trends in the world of fashion. Here are some of the top picks for autumn 2020:


    Brown is one of the most interesting colors on the spectrum. On its own, it can seem like a bland and boring choice. But, one of the joys is that it comes in different shades and goes well with other colors. This autumn, expect to see a lot of brown clothes mixed with oranges and blacks. You will even see brown and peach combining together to mimic the look of an autumnal tree! 

    It’s quite a neutral color, so it goes with almost everything and suits a variety of outfits. Also, this trend extends to hair colors, which are always important when looking at fashion trends. Brown hair is always in, but the specific mushroom-style color is a big hit this year. According to this mushroom brown hair color guide, it combines different brown hues with a few shades of gray. The look is subtle yet powerful, really encapsulating the welcoming feel of autumn. Plus, this hair color will pair well with all the others on this list!

    Deep red

    Those of you who watched any fashion shows this year will know that red made many appearances. This color is always bold and daring, meaning you never struggle to make a statement. In autumn 2020, deep red seems to be the main shade of choice. For context, this is a shade of red that’s quite dark and powerful. The best way to describe it is like a glass of red wine! 

    The depth of color means it almost verges on purple in some lights. Obviously, red is synonymous with lots of themes, most notably love and passion. There’s a warmth to this deep red color that perfectly suits the season. After all, autumn is the time where the temperature starts dropping, and you have to wrap yourself up. You get a sense of this when you see all the deep red clothes littering the shops!

    Silver is definitely a reverse hibernating color. While lots of animals tuck themselves away to hibernate through autumn/winter, silver does the opposite. You don’t really see it in spring or summer, largely because it doesn’t have a place. But, as soon as the leaves turn brown, silver comes out to party! 

    This bright and sparkly color will be seen at countless parties and celebrations during the autumn/winter seasons. It suits the season perfectly, adding a touch of brightness to the early evenings. It’s not the type of color you see much during the daytime, probably why it rarely appears in summer/spring. But, it’s definitely a color to keep your eye on when buying some autumn evening-wear. 


    Yellow is right up there as one of the iconic autumnal colors. Again, you need only glance at the trees outside your window to see this. Many of the leaves turn orange, but they start off as a bright yellow. It’s such a beautiful look, which is encapsulated in the different yellow shades seen on the runways. 

    Soft yellows are always preferred as they create a calmer and more reassuring look. You will often see jumpers and tops in different shades of yellow, offering a beautiful look to your autumn outfits. This color also pairs really well with brown, so expect to see the two of them strutting their stuff this season! 


    Like brown, beige has a reputation for being a dull color. Part of this probably comes down to the name – beige sounds quite bland and boring. However, it’s far from this. Again, this is a color that’s tailor-made for autumn. You’d feel a bit silly wearing beige in the peak of summer as it just doesn’t seem to fit the season. There’s a coziness to beige that makes it perfect for autumn days when there’s a chill in the air. 

    Furthermore, beige has risen in popularity due to its strong link with designer brands. Many Burberry products use beige as the main color, which has landed it a reputation as an expensive shade. So, adding beige items to your outfit will instantly make it look more expensive and high-end. Nobody needs to know that you actually bought that item from a bargain store – the beige makes it seem like a designer brand! Lastly, despite what you might think, beige comes in various shades. You can have light beige that borders on cream and darker beige that flirts with brown. This lets you create an entirely beige outfit that works so well and gives off fantastic autumn vibes. 

    If you’re looking for some color inspiration this autumn, these are the shades to keep in mind. They’ve been a big hit at all the recent fashion shows, and you’ve probably already seen these colors in your favorite retail store. No matter how hard you try to cling to summer, it’s time to face the reality of autumn! Stop wearing your bright and bold summer shades and switch to these warming autumnal ones.

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