Sound Selection 116: Suad, KOKO, Black Box

    KOKO All Together Now

    KOKO, the beloved Bristol trio, have finally revealed their four-track EP All Together Now. A mellifluous production drives the EP with a potent energy that has been present in their previous releases like Follow and their single ‘(I Don’t Wanna) Start Fights’ — marking it as one of their best releases yet.

    Talking about ‘So Nice To Meet You,’ our personal favourite track from the EP, the trio stated: “It’s all about meeting someone for the first time and getting that excitement…the butterflies. It’s a feeling we’ve missed for a LONG time this year – so it’s definitely a song with a lot of optimism for the future.”

    Suad ‘Sleep The Nights’

    Suad, a Finnish singer-songwriter, just yesterday published her melodious single ‘Sleep The Nights.’ The single marks the third song from Suad’s forthcoming 2021 album, and arguably our favourite from the lot. ‘Sleep The Nights’ is a piece carried by Suad’s elevated vocals and driven production that shifts into a hit-like track, making it perfect for radio.

    Black Box ‘Over It’

    Our final selection for 116 is by Black Box, a trio of out Norway formed by Emil Vildalen, Andri Szarvas and Markus Slåttvik. Their debut single ‘Over It’ is driven by a playful energy and catchy lyrics — perfect for the weekend playlist.

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