How to Boost Your Netflix Library Experience with a Trick

    Netflix is available in 190+ countries and in each country its content varies depending upon the demographics and the local demand.

    In all of these countries combined, Netflix is speculated to have over 13,900 titles. But did you know that the majority of its content library i.e. 40% is available in the US?

    In this guide, we’ll be showing you a trick to access 40% of the entire Netflix content or more using the help of a VPN.

    To clear the air, not all VPNs work with Netflix. You see, Netflix has a strong geo-restriction that prevents even the most prominent VPNs from bypassing its geo-restriction.

    If you’re living in France or in any other and want to access American Netflix for more quality content, you won’t be able to do it unless that VPN has residential IPs.

    NordVPN is one of the best VPNs that works with Netflix right now. NordVPN for Netflix will not only unblock American libraries but 13 other countries’ libraries as well. Also, with its amazing fast speed, there’s literally no buffering issues.

    How to Boost Your Netflix Library Experience with a VPN

    Step 1: Subscribe with NordVPN (As discussed above)

    Step 2: Download the NordVPN app on any device

    Step 3: Run the Installation on your device

    Step 4: Once installed, open the app and connect to a US server

    Step 5: Once connected, open Netflix website

    Step 6: You can search for any TV Series that isn’t available in your region but is available in the US

    Step 7: Once it pops up on your screen, start streaming!

    Other Netflix Tricks You Should Try

    There are so many Netflix tricks in the pocket that will boost your streaming experience for real. I have listed the best ones here:

    1. Watch Netflix with Your Friends at Home

    Due to the pandemic and the second wave of the coronavirus, you can’t go out for movies with friends. So why don’t you make your own movie night at home using the Netflix Party browser extension that will let you watch Netflix with all your friends.

    If any one of your friends has a Netflix subscripttion, they can share the URLs with their friends so they could enjoy the movie night together. It also has a chat room where they could talk to each other about what’s happening in the movie. You just need a single Netflix subscription and a Netflix Party extension, that’s all.

    It’s a really fun trick and I would want you to use it with your friends.

    2. See Ratings for the Shows/Movies

    Netflix doesn’t show the ratings for its Movies to TV Shows. It’s quite frustrating to search for the shows each time to know the ratings and reviews.

    That’s all about to change with a simple trick. This Netflix extension will show you IMDB ratings and Rotten Tomatoes score to decide which show you want to watch on Netflix.

    3. No Netflix Original Shows/Movies

    If you have already watched all the Netflix Originals and you don’t want to re-watch it or even being suggested by Netflix itself, then maybe you should get yourself this extension.

    This trick will remove all of the Netflix Originals from your screen, leaving you with the content from different production houses.

    There’s no doubt that most Netflix Originals are worth watching, but Netflix has a thing for over-promoting its Original content that makes you frustrated at times. Turn off this extension if you feel like watching the Original shows.

    Does Free VPNs Help you Boost Netflix Library Experience?

    Free VPNs are not reliable enough to be used with Netflix. Heck, they won’t be able to unblock any Netflix library in the first place.

    Even the premium VPNs have a tough time unblocking Netflix because of their strong VPN detection system. Free VPNs do not have a great infrastructure or a strong encryption that could bypass Netflix.

    Let’s assume if free VPNs do manage to bypass its restrictions, you won’t be able to complete half of the episode because most free VPNs have data bandwidth limitations.

    Even if we assume they don’t have a bandwidth limit and they are completely free and are able to unblock Netflix, then it means they’re selling your data to third-parties to get revenues. This could get you in trouble.

    VPNs are completely legal to use and have many benefits when it comes to streaming content that isn’t available in your region, but when a VPN sells your data to third-parties, then it means it knows your browsing history and everything you do over the internet. It can steal your personal information if they want. That is why, avoid free VPNs at all costs.

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