Top 5 Worst James Bond Films

    James Bond is a household name. The movie franchise has 24 official movies and has been in the cultural zeitgeist for at least 50 years. Some argue that it is required cinema. Though this may be true, not every James Bond film was a hit. There were a few throwaways in the bunch that should not have been able to see the light of day. Nonetheless, some producer believed in the project enough to bring it to the big screen. Though measuring the success of Bond films can get dicey, here are some of the top five worst James Bonds films.

    Live And Let Die

    Live and Let Die was the debut of actor Roger Moore as James Bond. This movie was also released in 1973. Critics said that the plot was peculiar because of all the voodoo and black magic. Not to mention there is also a really bad special effects scene during the villain’s death. With all of that being said, the movie is not a complete waste of time. Actor Yaphet Kotto played the villain really well and the action scenes are still entertaining to watch.

    The Spy Who Loved Me

    This was released in 1977 and again, starred Moore. The Spy Who Loved Me can easily be considered one of the most over the top James Bond movies from the cars that turn into submarines and a villain’s liar that rises out of the sea, there are a lot of nonsensical things in that movie that do not add up. For instance, the bad guy’s evil plan makes little to no sense. All logic, you can forget about.

    For Your Eyes Only

    Again, this features Moore as James Bond. Again, this is horrible because instead of doing the over-the-top things they were before, they decided to go a more down-to-earth approach to this movie. This would have been brilliant if only it landed perfectly. Unfortunately, the bad guys are easy to forget and the plot is subpar at best. For Your Eyes Only is not all bad. There are some great action scenes that get the blood pumping. Other than that, you would be doing yourself a favor by skipping this one on your list of James Bond movies to binge over the holidays.

    Tomorrow Never Dies

    Tomorrow Never Dies, released in 1997, was the follow-up to GoldenEye. There were high expectations since GoldenEye was such a good movie, but Tomorrow Never Dies was a huge disappointment. The industry rumored that there were production challenges when filming the movie, which was a major reason why the movie was so bad.

    The Man With The Golden Gun

    This was released in 1974 and Roger Moore is again playing as James Bond. He does a great job along with new Bond girl Marry Goodnight and villain Christopher Lee. What makes this movie terrible is its inability to get the tone just right. There are moments in which you think you are watching a dark thriller, then a few moments later you think you are watching a children’s comedy. It is all very confusing.

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