The Best Flowers for Fall Vibes: 4 Gorgeous Types

    Fall is in full swing, and even though we may be enjoying fall differently this year, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate the changing of the seasons, whether that means a socially-distanced hike, an autumnal feast a wedding with corsages and boutonnieres or my personal favorite: a festive arrangement of fall flowers

    Go-to flowers for autumn are the ones that mirror the reds, oranges, browns and yellows of the leaves falling outside. Here’s our selection of the best flowers for the season:


    Goldenrod (also known as Solidago) flowers are perfect for bringing a little sunshine into your home, especially as it starts to get dark out earlier and earlier. These tall plants, with puffs of blooms in a gorgeous sunshiney yellow, add some height and texture to any bouquet you arrange. And here’s some encouragement to place a vase of them on your patio: they’re known to attract butterflies

    Caffe Latte Roses

    Everyone knows that fall is for lovers, so of course I had to include a romantic rose on my list. But not just any rose; the caffe latte rose is the perfect pick for fall. A far cry from the bright red roses you see everywhere on Valentine’s Day, the Caffe Latte rose is a soothing brown-blush color that reflects all of autumn’s pretty earth tones. I like these paired with other roses and some greenery for those sweet fall evenings spent with someone special. 

    Orange Carnations

    The gorgeous carnation comes in tons of colors, but orange is the obvious choice for all of those fall vibes. Some say that orange carnations are a sign of warmth, which is certainly welcome as the days get chillier. This floral is the perfect highlight to your bouquet due to its bright hue, so I recommend keeping any other flowers in your arrangement on the subtle side. Another plus to carnations? They smell bright, fresh and a little bit spicy — perfect for reviving you after one too many hot chocolates

    Hypericum Berries

    Okay, this one may not technically be a flower, but since it adds a brilliant shock of red to any bouquet, I had to include it. Hypericum berries, also known as St. John’s wort, are round, clustered berries on a long stem. They turn a beautiful dark pink or red color, and look stunning paired with the yellows and oranges of the other flowers on this list. Like Goldenrods, the stems of hypericum berries are tall, so bare that in mind when you’re creating your floral arrangements. 

    When you’re picking out blooms for your home this autumn, the most important thing is to choose what you like best. But if you want flowers that radiate autumn vibes, I recommend choosing colors in warm and earthy tones. Don’t be afraid to get creative and embellish your bouquets with pretty leaves, pinecones or anything else you might find on your chilly fall walks. After that, it’s time to relax, admire your flowers and soak up one of the best (and coziest) times of the year. 

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