Things You’ll Only Understand if You’re A Literature Student

    Literature is your first love. The only item on your birthday list? Books. And this is why you’ve decided studying literature is the only thing you’ll be happy doing.

    You pay no attention to jokes mocking the redundancy of a literary degree. Every book in your library is a treasure. If this sounds even remotely like you, this list is definitely going to be relatable.

    Insist on reading the book first 

    It seems like screenwriters are running out of ideas, so many modern films are based on literary works. Your friends are baffled when you refuse to watch the movie before you’ve read the book. But you know, in the end, the book is always better.

    Even if you’ve never heard of it, it doesn’t matter. If it’s based on a piece of writing, you won’t be caught dead in a cinema without reading at least the first three books in the series. So, you’re usually alone at the movies or you have to stream it because it’s been three weeks since it left the circuit.

    Literature essay examples for reference 

    It’s only a literature student who can understand the difficulty involved in writing the perfect essays or maybe research papers. People often underestimate the difficulty of writing around literature topics and forget that it’s a purist subject that needs expertise like any other subject.

    As a student, your entire focus should be on delivering quality without worrying about what others assume and for that, you need external help. You can refer to Writing Bros, a well-known online database where you can refer to any type of literature essay samples or free. Students from universities around the world have been using it for years and have found it to be very valuable. What’s great is that it’s not limited to literature alone. It offers free essay examples on almost every subject.

    An acquired sense of humor

    You find words and literary devices hilarious. Not everyone will catch your drift, but you’ve made yourself laugh plenty. As much as an English degree doesn’t seem like much to a chemical engineer, you know where your strengths lie.

    You can use puns better than anyone’s dad, spell onomatopoeia without spellcheck and you’re unbeaten in scrabble. The only things you fear in this life, math problems and your college professor handing out Chaucer.

    Please read my essay

    It’s like you’ve got “knows big words” across your forehead. You’re the only person anyone trusts to string a sentence together. Friends, struggling classmates, even your mom gets you to proofread their texts, essays and emails. It’s a wonderful compliment that the people around you trust your abilities.

    No matter the length, you jump at the opportunity of being a grammar nazi by invitation. With so much to say about typos, incorrect use of apostrophes and misplaced commas, it’s no wonder you’re the chosen one on all things literature-related.

    Your ideal husband lives inside a book

    Mr. Darcy *swoon*. Maybe Gatsby’s dangerous dealings and undying devotion is your cup of tea. It was love at first read. And no earthling boy can compare to the dashing darlings of your imagination. You study every word that describes them. Their dialogue is committed to memory as though they speak directly to you.

    What you’d give for just one more chapter, page or line about them. Hell, you’ve written enough fanfiction to last an eternity, spanning the wedding at Pemberly, to his dying words to you. It’s elaborate, heartbreaking and sleeps under your pillow every night.

    Book recommendations

    Everyone wants to see your summer reading list. They’ll get the scoop on the latest bestsellers, prize winners and newcomers of the year. Your recommendations are spot on, catered to every genre from the steadfast classics to your grandmother’s favorite romantic beach read.

    You could write several pages about every chapter, character and scene. And you have no trouble predicting which book will top the bestseller list because you’ve got one of your own. The accuracy of your predictions wins you the “bookworm prize” every time.


    Everyone knows your one true love is literature and language, which is why you’ve chosen to study it. You’re good at it, and it helps those around you in so many wonderful ways. You’re smart, funny (even if no one gets it) and you live in an infinite world powered by words and imagination.

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