How Fast Payouts Are Making Online Gaming More Fun

    Playing online slots or casino games is fun, but we all do it in hopes to land a big win. Winning is the biggest thrill in gambling, and so when we do get lucky, we want to get our hands on our money. The issue with online casinos for so long has been that they are slow to pay out, and it is enough to avoid it altogether.

    The good news is that new technology and increasing competition within online gaming means that payouts are getting faster. In fact, a new breed of fast payout casinos are able to get funds back to players within a matter of hours. This is making it better than ever before to play your favourite slots online. We’re going to tell you a little more about which payment methods are best for speedy withdrawals, so keep reading.

    E-Wallets and Instant Withdrawals

    Thanks to the likes of PayPal, E-wallets have quickly taken over internet payment solutions. Most of us now use some form of E-wallet to make payments, whether that be buying clothes, or even ordering a takeaway. Following in PayPal footsteps, many other E-wallets have since launched, giving us more options than ever before.

    Neteller and Skrill are the two most frequently used on gambling sites. The reason for this? Well, both of these methods guarantee cash back in your account within 24 hours. Forget lengthy waiting times and slow payment processing, by opting to use these online wallets, you can be enjoying your winnings in no time. PayPal can also be used for online gambling, and comes with similar benefits.

    How Much, or Little, Can You Actually Withdraw?

    Every online casino will have some form of minimum deposit requirement. Usually this means that you cannot withdraw unless you have a balance of say, £10 or more. So unfortunately, you will need to meet this before you can take any money away.

    We are optimists, and so think it’s important to also consider maximum withdrawals. You just never know… there are plenty of jackpots to be won, and you’ve gotta be in it to win it, right? So, the maximum withdrawal will differ by casino, but it’s usually around £1 million. In other words, don’t worry about landing a couple of thousand, you will be able to withdraw without any issues, and get it fast.

    What’s Next For Online Gaming?

    With the recent addition of more payment methods and new powerful technology, we believe that instant payouts are going to be the next big thing. This would mean that you can have your money in seconds after winning.

    From a gameplay perspective, virtual reality slots and live table games are all of the rage right now. Online gaming no longer feels online, as you’re able to bring the casino right to your phone or computer without leaving the house. There’s a lot of great stuff on the horizon for the online gaming world, and we’re excited to see what comes next.

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