Top 6 Books Adapted on Netflix

    If you are a fan of a particular book, you cannot stop thinking of it. You start playing slts about it on Bet22, search for news and movies. And these 6 series are books adapted on Netflix. 


    A unique interpretation of the legend of King Arthur by a world-renowned graphic novel and comic book author Frank Miller. The series premiered in 2020 on Netflix.

    Nimue is connected to dark forces, which is very frightening to those around her. As the years go by, the girl grows up. Her village is attacked by the Red Paladins, and destroys all dreams and hopes. In search of revenge, the girl meets the mercenary Arthur. And this meeting changes their lives forever.

    You, Season 2

    It’s a sequel to the exciting story of the most romantic serial killer. Lifetime adapted the first part of the novel. And in 2020, Netflix released a second season.

    Bookstore salesman Joe Goldberg continues to search for his true love. The previous four attempts have been unsuccessful. But he’s sure he’s not wrong this time, and this girl is just the right one for him.

    Ghost Bride

    The Lim family is one of the richest in Malacca. When Li Lan Pan is asked to become the bride of the deceased heir of Lim Tian Ching, the fate of the 17-year-old girl from a poor family seems to be sealed. In her dreams, she plunges into the world of the dead, but in reality, she meets in the noble house of Tian Bai, a cousin of her betrothed. But an affair with the living instead of a marriage to the dead is an entirely different story. 

    Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares

    Dash hates Christmas. But he loves books and on the eve of the Christmas holidays doesn’t get out of the bookshop. On one of the shelves, he unexpectedly finds a red notebook. In it, a mysterious stranger has left some fascinating puzzles. This stranger turns out to be Lily. She will spend the New Year vacations all alone. So, she is looking for a friend. 

    Thus, an exciting game begins. Dash and Lily solve riddles and share their secrets in a notebook they hide in different places in New York City.

    Stranger Things

    The 1960s, U.S., the main events are moon landing and the Vietnam War. Student Terry Ives sets out to change the world for the better. She becomes a participant in a large-scale government experiment. But behind the walls of the National Laboratory, something strange is going on. And the girl is determined to find out what’s going on.

    Here is the first official novelization from Netflix on the acclaimed series. Here are new details about the characters of the series, and at the same time, you will see an independent intriguing story.


    It seems that the reclusive and quiet Elodie, the well-to-do school queen Tabitha, and the cheeky honor student Mo have nothing in common. But they don’t. They attend the same school and go to the same kleptomaniac anonymous meetings. Attending court-ordered group therapy because of the charges of theft, the girls unexpectedly become friends. It’s up to them to help each other cope with their problems and curb their addiction to stealing everything they can’t get their hands on. 

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