Has Leveling in Classic Changed?

    Leveling Then Vs Now

    WoW Classic is the kind of game you get into because of its imperfections, outdated design choices, and systems. Nobody goes there to chill or to get buckets of content thrown at them. And there’s nothing more quintessential in this game than its leveling system.

    This system alone is in and of itself a perfect definition for what the game really has to offer and whether you’re going to like it or not. Has it changed in the two years that it’s been out? Depends on how you look at it. On the one hand, you have your typical progression – first, there were only a couple of dungeons, a few raids. As each Phase came out, it added to the leveling experience in a big way. Sure, the max level always stayed the same. That’s undeniable. However, the player’s approach to leveling has changed. And although, for pro players who managed to reach 60 in a manner of first weeks of Phase 1, an ordinary WoW player would have to submit themselves to the convoluted and seemingly endless questing experience.

    Besides, back in the month of the release, it was practically impossible to complete quests due to servers being overflown with gamers. This itself is a big topic, but the point is – if you started to level up these days, it’d feel like a completely different experience. You’d only meet like 1 or 2 players in the starting zone, so you could really turn up the ambiance and music volumes and immerse yourself in the gameplay.

    It’s Time to Make Your Move!

    Based on all of the above, one can say that, surprisingly, today is the best time to start playing Classic. No more content updates are expected at this point, which means a number of things. First of all, the economy on all servers is more or less settled. You won’t have to experience the auction house agiotage around the time when the new Phase is about to come out. Second of all, no more spontaneous PvP in the contested zones. Even the bloodthirsty PvPers seem to have settled down a little bit, which means that higher levels are more easily achievable. And with much less headache too.

    So, yes, it is true that WoW Classic leveling has changed and that it is quite different from what it used to be a few years back. But mostly though, these are good changes that encourage a more relaxed experience – exactly the kind that was intended. By all means, the game is not dead. A lot of players a still exploring the world, but they’re not rushing to get anywhere anymore. This means that this could be your best chance to get into this truly unique game. It’s definitely not too late. It’s about time!

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