How Studying Arts Helps College Students

    Indulging in arts is one of the best ways for people to escape reality and enter into a whole new realm, one that they can build from their imagination. The study of arts covers many domains such as acting, sketching, music, and theatre. One learns to express themselves creatively and build self-expression. It isn’t only something that one can admire in their free time, for instance looking at a painting on a wall. But it is also something that can provoke, soothe, excite and inspire. It reminds us that we are all sharing a universal human experience. One may even conclude that we cannot live without art!

    Art in college is a subject that most students like to pursue. When asked, “how do the arts benefit students?”, there are multiple answers that come to mind. However, the most important may be the development of critical thinking in students. While in college, students are required to present art critique essays as part of their academic course, examples of which can be found at Reading up on quality samples of such art critique essay examples help students write better papers for class. It also increases their knowledge base and helps them get better acquainted with the subject at hand.

    Reading as many essay examples as is possible can help enhance creative skills in college art students. Arts students may often find the therapeutic power of indulging in a creative endeavor such as playing music or painting a picture. It can impact the mood and emotions of an individual and inspire them to elevate themselves. Not all students choose art as a major, and some choose to do it to help cope with the stress that often accompanies college.

    Here are some of the ways how art helps students. 

    1. Studying arts makes students smarter

    Indulging in any creative activity provides individuals with room for improvement. No matter how good a person is in their chosen field of art, there is always a possibility of doing better. When one begins to nurture their skills, they realize that they can do better and learn to handle criticism well. 

    Creating an art piece also requires the individual to exercise parts of their brains that would not have been used if not for the creative venture. By learning to use their emotions and putting their thoughts on paper, students learn to bring out the best within themselves. They learn to tap into their creative side and use their motor skills to accompany their imagination. 

    2. It helps students succeed in college:

    Hard work and commitment are life skills that one must master before entering the real world. Indulging in any form of art may be a stepping stone into learning these essential qualities that can become a part of your lifestyle. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment on an individual’s part to become good at anything. Art is no different, requiring a lot of patience and passion from its creators. One’s commitment to learning anything can require time, sacrifice, and energy. Students who can commit to learning a new instrument or nurturing their performance can surely keep up with their future lives.

    Creating art is fun, but it can be quite grueling at the same time. Students who understand that any masterpiece requires hard work can learn the relationship between achievement and struggle. Good things take time, and that which comes easy may not be worth it. Individuals who are unafraid to take on challenges are better equipped to handle life challenges later on.

    3. It has an impact on students’ physical and emotional health:

    Art engagement has been known to have a significant impact on one’s emotional and mental health. It is normal for students to be overwhelmed with the number of college assignments and not come up with topics for their papers. Going through art critique essay examples may help those struggling to find topics for their essays; more tips on which can be found here: Students who have found art as a means to release their stress are generally happier and calmer. They also report less anxiety, stress, and depression than others.

    Studies have shown that individuals who have perfected the art of creative expression have better immune systems than those who haven’t. It has also been clinically proven to elevate one’s mood, reduce stress and lower one’s blood pressure. There have been researches that found patients in a hospital who were exposed to music healed faster than their counterparts.

    There are several benefits of studying art that have been proven to help students deal with the stress of keeping up with college. One may benefit significantly by taking up an instrument or simply playing some music and dancing while in university.

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