14 Captivating Stills from The Imitation Game (2014)

    Benedict Cumberbatch gives a layered performance as British mathematician Alan Turing. A complex man, Turing joined the cryptography team during World War II to decipher the German enigma code. The Imitation Game is based on the true story of how Turing, along with a team of fellow mathematicians, built a machine to crack the codes.
    Directed by Mortem Tyldum, the film is a touching insight into Turing’s behind-the-scenes struggles with his homosexuality, beginning in his childhood. As young Turing, Alex Lawther brings further vulnerability to the character and hints at how his future relationship with Joan Clarke (Keira Knightley) will unfold. Clarke herself faces a few obstacles, being the only female cryptologist on the team.
    Here are fourteen captivating stills from The Imitation Game.

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