Playful Patterns by Dirk Bakker

    Dirk Bakker has a special eye for detail and pays attention to everything that makes a sight stand out: texture, colours, brightness, symmetry. Dirk’s pseudonym Macenzo, with which he branded himself in 2007, also serves as his identification on Instagram, where he celebrates 419k followers. Based in Amsterdam, the photographer and influencer has a background in art and graphic design. As Dirk explains it, this education helped him fall in love with the ‘lines of the city’ and gorgeous abstract patterns. His successes don’t stop there – Dirk is also a founding member of See My City, an international marketing initiative aiming to share the beauty of various cities through unique, eye-catching mobile photography.

    Dirk captures aesthetically pleasing, playful patterns wherever he notices them: bright apartment blocks, majestic theatre halls, elegant stairways… It’s hard to believe he shoots all his work with a simple iPhone camera. The results are truly impressive. See for yourself!

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