How To Develop A Stress-Free Lifestyle

    Stress is often said to be the biggest killer. While it can be a useful bodily defence mechanism when facing danger (it helps us to be more alert and to move more quickly), too much stress can wear down our bodies. Humans have evolved to experience stress in situations that often aren’t life-threatening at all – in these situations stress can have very little benefit. Learning to eliminate stress from your life could make you feel a lot better and healthier. But just how can you live a stress-free lifestyle. Below are just a few basic tips. 

    Follow your passions

    Work is a big source of stress for many people. Finding a job that is centred around one of your passions is the best way to reduce this stress. It’s important to also consider your personality. Are you a people person? Are you creative or technical minded? By finding a job that matches your personality and interests, you can eliminate a lot of stress. There’s a job out there for everyone – you’ve just got to find it. 

    Adopt a routine

    We’re hardwired to enjoy a routine. Getting up at the same time every morning, following the same morning routine and having a daily schedule can make us feel motivated and at peace. Consider whether you could benefit from more routine in your life. 

    Stay physically active

    Exercise is a great stressbuster – it helps to release the tension built up by stress and it pumps feelgood endorphins around our body. Make sure that you spend some time every day being physically active.

    Get a good amount of sleep

    Lack of sleep and stress can form a vicious cycle: it’s harder to sleep when you’re stressed and you’ll be more stressed if you’ve had no sleep. 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night is the perfect amount we need to function. Prioritize sleep however you can, whether it’s going to bed earlier or taking power naps. 


    Meditation is more than just closing your eyes and saying ‘OMMM’. It’s a way of clearing your mind of negative thoughts and refocusing it towards more productive thoughts. When you are starting to get stressed, a five minute meditation break could be all you need to destress. 

    Try herbal stress relief

    There are many herbal forms of stress relief that you can use such as passionflower, valerian and cannabis. Many of these herbs are also great for promoting sleep and reducing pain (which may be triggering stress). If you suffer from chronic pain or lack of sleep as well as chronic stress, consider whether to start taking herbal relief. You could join the Harvest loyalty club. Alternatively, a doctor may be able to prescribe something. 

    Look for solutions not problems

    A lot of stress is caused by the wrong mindset. They key to optimism and getting through challenges is to focus on solutions not problems. 

    Always consider the bigger picture

    Perspective is also important when avoiding stress. It’s not worth worrying about something that you cannot predict, neither is it worth worrying about something that may only cause minor damage in the grand scheme of things. 

    Enjoy what you have

    Too many of us focus on what we don’t have rather than focusing on the things we do have. We should all be striving for more, however we shouldn’t forget what we’ve achieved or what we’ve been blessed with in the process.

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