5 Reasons Americans Should Take a Note from Europeans on Cycling

    In the U.S., cars and public transportation are the preferred method of getting around. However, in Italy, the Italian motorbike, Vespa, is an extremely common form of transportation that’s both more affordable and better on the environment than traditional vehicles. In France, Germany and other countries, it’s not uncommon to get to work by bicycle. While it is also a leisure activity, it is a very real and even standard method of transportation in foreign countries. While you might not be able to cycle to work, you may consider getting an ebike as the perfect alternative to a regular car or motorbike. Here are five reasons why you might want to look into buying your own.

    Get More Exercise

    A good ebike comes fully-loaded with everything you need to immediately start riding. After charging its battery, you’ll be able to head off into the proverbial (or literal) sunset and motor along while burning calories. Although it does have pedal-assist technology, an electric bike doesn’t require you to put forth tremendous effort. This makes it easier for you to get around and incorporate some fitness into your day without overworking your muscles.

    Save Money on Gas

    Take your bike to the store, or ride it to and from work if you’re fortunate enough to live close to your place of employment. Even if you only substitute a few trips around town on the weekends, you’ll lower your expenses on fuel by going electric. In addition to reducing fuel consumption, you’ll also get to enjoy reduced maintenance costs and a longer lifespan on your primary vehicle. For city dwellers, ebikes are a great alternative to regular bicycles, cabs or subway tickets.

    Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    One of the greatest benefits of driving less and biking more is the reduced environmental impact. More people care about the environment than ever, but they are often limited in how much they can lower their own footprint. Ebikes are even better than electric cars when it comes to carbon output and environmental conservation; when you buy one, you don’t have to worry about leaving a trail of harmful pollutants behind you.

    Connect with Friends

    Cycling is a great way to meet new people and get together with friends. A socially distanced ride through the park, for example, can help you see people you haven’t been able to connect with for a while. There’s nothing like enjoying some fresh air in the company of good people. This is also an excellent activity for those who are trying to reduce their drinking and have sober hangouts. If you’re looking to meet new people and make friends near you, then try researching local cycling groups or bike tours online.

    Explore New Places

    Having an ebike will give you good reason to travel to new places. You might look up bike trails, head to a boardwalk or decide to explore an entirely new town. The opportunities are there even if you happen to live in a remote area. Just remember to always wear a helmet, follow the rules of the road and let a trusted person know your whereabouts.

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