5 Most Realistic Dating Movies Ever

    Movies are often a representation of real-life events and possibilities with likable endings. And romance movies are among the most popular ones out there today. Different dating movies get released every year, each better or worse than others. Sometimes, these movies are so realistic and immersive that audiences leave theaters craving sequels.

    These dating movies have significant cultural influences on audiences around the world. Many Ukrainian brides have even begun copying some Western dating traditions they saw in movies. From films about a legit mail order bride moving across continents to meet with her lover to high school flicks, dating movies have left major cultural impacts.

    Some cheesy dating movies exist because sometimes, the audience just wants to have a good laugh too. But if you are a hopeless romantic searching for the next “reel fix,” there are a couple of movies you can’t afford to miss. These movies depict real-life scenarios of how to find a wife online and dealing with issues in a relationship.

    In no particular order, our pick of the five most surreal movies are:

    Like Crazy 

    This 2011 portrayal of a long-distance relationship is one of the most realistic depictions of relationships you will ever see. It shows the anxiety that takes over lovers when they are far from each other. Like Crazy will take you through the insecurity that grows within lovers and the regular need for reassurance they develop over time. We recommend this film to men trying to find brides abroad from your mail order bride platforms.

    You will get absorbed in the near-flawless acting from Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin. This dating movie unveils the trust issues that characterize many long-distance relationships. Many couples understand that insecurity and its destructive effects in relationships, and that is the story this movie tells in a gripping tale of love.

    The Big Sick

    What do you do when the person you love is in a coma and don’t know when or if they will come out of it? The Big Sick is a 2017 movie that shows us that while love is powerful, it may prove not enough when personal interests come into play. The surrealness of the plot makes the movie even more engaging.

    This movie portrays how difficult some choices are when one’s head and heart conflict. Maybe the story is hyper-realistic because its writer, Kumail Nanjiani, experienced parts of it when his wife was sick. He added a bit of creativity to his personal experience to give audiences a glimpse into his world. While funny and loveable, the movie doesn’t end with a miracle, staying true to most real-life cases.

    Blue Valentine 

    People fail to talk about how hard it is to fight for a failing marriage; fighting leaves couples with scars they don’t recover from. But this 2010 movie demystifies marriage. It takes audiences through the entire process of marital struggles, fights and make-ups. 

    Often, people say marriages fail when both parties refuse to work on it. That claim may be true, but it is just one reason out of the many that can cause things to go wrong. Blue Valentine shows you how a couple went from being madly in love to falling apart and having to fight to keep their marriage.

    In Blue Valentine, Dean and Cindy lead us through a downward spiral caused by their respective lack of ambition and self-absorption. It is an indication of what many married couples go through. The movie is as real as it gets and was so positively received by global audiences that it scored a 7.4 rating on IMDb

    Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind 

    Nothing hurts more than the memory of what was. When a nasty breakup occurs, some people pray for selective amnesia to forget their ex completely. This 2004 movie shows two people trying to forget each other as they struggle to heal from the pain of their separation.

    The movie joins this list because it doesn’t attempt to be comical. Its genre is realism instead of over-dramatization and is a fan favorite. The actors reenacted everything that forces two people who are in love to become strangers and then find themselves again. 

    500 Days of Summer 

    Sometimes, things do not work out between lovers. People in committed relationships can fall out whether they want to or not. That is because some things are just not meant to work out.

    In 500 Days of Summer, we see how the roller-coaster lives of two young adults affect their relationship. They fight, struggle, and unsuccessfully try to keep their world from falling apart. In the movie, the problem was not that they didn’t love themselves; it was just a rather unfortunate situation they found themselves in. This 2010 movie shows us how sometimes, our relationship will not meet our expectations, and there isn’t much we can do about it. 

    Final thoughts

    Every time you settle down to watch a love-themed movie, you either open yourself up to a world of fantasies and breathtaking romance or the real deal. The truth is that dating and love can be a messy cycle. And not every love story ends happily ever after in the real world. The movies discussed in this review are masterpieces of the dating realities that show what to expect from it. If you seek the best dating movies, look no further than these five.

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