These Are The Games That Most French People Play

    Undoubtedly, online gaming has become more than a casual pastime. It has developed into a hugely popular activity for people around the world. French people are just as crazy about gaming as the rests of the world, and in some regards, even more so. There has been an uptick in French players’ participation in the online gaming world in recent years. This is why global gaming powerhouses typically dedicate entire pages to their French patrons. Pages like paris sportif NetBet display some of the more popular games among French players. So what are the games that French people prefer?


    Sport-themed games are among the top picks for French players. French players tend to be avid football fans who are passionate about FIFA, League of Champions or ligue des champions, Premier League, and the European League or Ligue Europa, among others. As a result, live games like Paris SG vs Manchester City and Lazio Rome vs Milan AC are popular among these fans. Players also love games featuring football greats like French stars Karim Benzema and Olivier Giroud.

    French players also enjoy other virtual sports, including tennis, basketball and handball. French online gamers gravitate to those games that feature their favourite basketball teams, including; the Washington Wizards, the San Antonio Spurs, the Orlando Magic, the LA Lakers and the Sacramento Kings, among others. As avid tennis fans, French online gamers enjoy games played by high-profile players such as Marin Cilic, Carlos Alcaraz, Richard Gasquet and Joao Souza. Other popular e-sport games favoured by French players include rugby, hockey and baseball.

    Other Online Games

    Card games are also high on the favourites lists for French players, as are casino games. Among the popular casino games enjoyed by French players are; blackjack, roulette Sic Bo and baccarat. Players enjoy both live and automated versions of these games.

    Modern warfare games like Call of Duty are also popular among French online gaming fans. Players enjoy the thrill that comes with completing the challenges at each level of the game, and the experience is taken to the next level when players get to challenge fellow players.

    While they do have their favourites, French players of online games appreciate variety and excitement in their gaming options. And since online gambling is legal (and of course regulated) in France, the stage is set for the continued growth of the vibrant gaming industry.

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