16 Haunting Stills from Thelma (2017)

    This Norwegian thriller is a visceral dive into the supernatural, but because it deals with the mysteries of the human mind as it comes of age, Thelma is as eerie and haunting as its atmospheric settings. The contrast of Thelma’s Oslo university against her moor-like country home seems strange at first, but when she begins experiencing seizures, nightmarish flashes of her childhood begin to creep up on her in this seemingly safe urban environment.

    Inexplicably, Thelma soon displays strange supernatural abilities, unsure if anyone around her is able to perceive them. On top of this, she’s trying to fit in with her college classmates, including the kind and effortlessly cool Anja. After a religious upbringing, Thelma is afraid to reveal to her over-protective parents that she’s seeing a girl, going to parties, drinking, and trying substances. Between occasional visits and regular phone calls, Thelma feels their tense and overly formal check-ups are becoming invasive.

    The film has won several awards for its vibrant cinematography, creative editing, and effective use of music. Here are sixteen stills from Thelma.

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