5 Poetry Books That Every College Student Needs to Read

    College life tends to get a bit hectic from time to time. From fast-approaching deadlines to random tests, college life can be overwhelming. The secret to keeping it all together is by using EssayService, a professional paper writing service for students, to get help with your assignments and by looking for fun and engaging activities such as reading poetry books.

    This activity can also directly help your academic success. Unlike most students who find it challenging to choose topics for their poetry essay, reading a few poetry essays examples will prove to be enough when writing your own. So, as college students, you should consider putting the phones down just for a few minutes and read a poem or two. 

    Besides, reading poems and text from famous poets can actually make you smarter because when you are reading, you are sharpening your command of the language. What this means is that after consistently reading poetry books, writing essays and literature reviews will feel like a breeze. However, it is not always easy to figure out how to write poetry-based assignments. So, you can check out the EssaysAdvisor blog to gain some essential tips.

    With that said, let’s get a better understanding of what poetry is.

    What is Poetry?

    Poetry is a form of literature that applies concepts of rhythm, symbolism and play on words to draw out meaning from a particular topic. Without going into too much detail, poetry simply refers to stories meshed together in rhythmical and emotional harmony. The main aim of poetry is to invoke emotions while passing a message across.

    There are a specific set of rules that govern the writing of poems. These rules are what separate poems from other forms of literary works such as songwriting. So, why should you read poetry books? 

    Why Should Students Read Poetry Books?

    The primary purpose of going to college is to broaden your knowledge and scope in a particular field. In the same way, poetry allows students to better understand and appreciate the world around us. The messages and meanings hidden behind the melodic rhythms of poetry serve to teach and better yet enlighten people.

    We understand that poetry might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you should give it a go. Soon you’ll find reading them enjoyable, and in no time, you’ll be having quite a bit of fun while doing so. It’s as easy as picking up a book, reading a few poems, and that’s it.

    Remember, reading such books and essays make you smarter and in doing so, writing your poetry essays becomes easier. Here are poetry books every college student should read. 

    Poetry Books that all College Students Need to Read

    1. Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

    Among the best poetry books for college students, Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur is arguably the best. Milk and Honey is a collection of stories and poems about survival, love, pain and loss. However, comfort and happiness can be found in the most bizarre of places, hence the title Milk and Honey. 

    2. Love and Misadventure by Lang Leav

    Lang Leav is a well-known name in the poetry universe as a great author. As fate would have it, many students often go through a lot of emotions and relationships while in college. Well, if you are looking for poetry about college life with regards to relationships, look no further than Love and Misadventure. 

    3. If They Come For Us by Fatimah Asghar

    It is not new for students to attend colleges far away from their homes. If you are looking for a poem that relates to life far from home, look no further. Fatimah Asghar documented her experiences as a Pakistani Muslim living in America. There are a lot of themes, including identity exploration, healing, conflict and violence. 

    It is also worth noting that Fatimah Asghar picked up an Emmy nomination for her work in a different scrip, Brown Girls. What this means is that you will be treated to a powerful and imaginative poem as you see the world in the eyes of Fatimah.

    4. Sea of Strangers by Lang Leav

    Lang has a couple of excellent poetry books, some of which feature as the best books for college grads. If you read her other poetry book, Love and Misadventure, then you will most certainly fancy this one as well. 

    Sea of Strangers captures the audience’s imagination and attention spectacularly. With strong themes of love, self-empowerment and loss, you are guaranteed a journey of self-discovery and finding as you read the book. 

    5.     Bicycle in a Ransacked City: an Elegy by Andrés Cerpa

    Last on our list is a poetry book by the famous Andrés Cerpa. The book is about a son who takes care of his ailing father. The book demands an emotional response as the story follows the son who struggles with caring for his father, who is diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  

    The author majestically navigates between strong themes of tenderness and sadness. You will find the book emotionally invoking and stunning, to say the least. Beside most people in college can relate to the themes as written by the author.

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