Is It Cake? Season 4: Latest News & Potential Release Date

Is It Cake? is not a sophisticated Netflix show. Still, it is a cooking competition series in which talented bakers bake mouthwatering cakes that are replicas of sewing machines, handbags, and many other things. In this game show, the bakers try to fool the judges who are tasked with determining whether the presented items are made of Cake.

The show caught the attention of viewers quickly. Its three seasons have been aired to date, and it has been ranked as one of the top shows on Netflix. Though the third season of Is It Cake? has been aired recently, fans are excited and curious about the fourth season, which indicates this cooking show’s hype and fame.

Stay here if you are also looking for the date when you can watch season four of Is It Cake?. We will tell you every little detail about the fourth season of Is It Cake!

Is It Cake? Season 4: Latest News And Release Date

Is It Cake is the reality TV series hosted by Saturday Night Live’s Mikey Day, and Jane Lipsitz and Dan Cutforth are the creators of this show. The series premiered on March 18, 2022, for the first time, and the third season premiered on March 29, 2024. The winners of each episode get a cash prize of $5000. The participants can also win more money by identifying between the bags of real cash and the fake ones.

The competition series is based on a meme of the same name that went viral on TikTok and YouTube in 2020. The “cake or fake” meme is a social media sensation that started in 2011 on the CakeWrecks website. After some time, it gained huge recognition.

The idea of cutting something that looks real and finding it to be an edible cake became the hook for the audience. Thus, Netflix launched the reality show by turning the viral meme into a reality show and gained huge appreciation from fans and baking enthusiasts.

Even though season 3 had not ended, the audience started asking for season 4. Well, Netflix has not officially announced season four. It makes sense, as season three has just premiered, and makers need time to assess the audience’s response before deciding on the show’s future.

After the assessment, Netflix will announce season four and produce new episodes. And who knows, the producers may already have started casting. Also, just two months before the show’s release, Netflix renewed the third season in January 2024.

If they follow the same pattern, the makers may announce the fourth season just a few months before its debut. Either way, the viewers can hope that they will be watching the fourth season soon in 2025.

Who Were The Participants Of “Is It Cake” Season 3?

In every season of Is It Cake?, a diverse set of contestants participate in the show, display their baking skills, and create the most-impossible-looking cakes. The third season followed the same format; eight bakers participated in this competition for the $50,000 cash prize. Below, you can find the list of the contestants of Is It Cake? Season 3:

  • Raina Washington is from Virginia, the owner of The Sweet Stop, and the former participant of Food Network’s Big Time Bake.
  • Grace Pak is an award-winning cake artist from New York City. The participant owns the Duchess of Cameron cake studio.
  • Timmy Norman belongs to Jonhson City, Tennesse, and owns the Cakebuds Bakery. Norman is also a former contestant in several Food Network competition shows.
  • Jujhar Mann was from Canada (British Columbia), a former champion of The Big Bake on Food Network, and the owner of Mann & Co Bakeshop.
  • Kristen Eagle is from Canada (Ontario), winner of Food Network Canada, and a former participant of The Big Bake.
  • Henderson Gonzalez is the pastry chef and cake artist. The participant belongs to Orlando, Florida, and is also the winner of Food Network’s Spring Baking Championship 2023.
  • Caitlin Taylor is the former Netflix’s Sugar Rush Christmas and Discovery + Cakealikes. Taylor was from Maryland (Bowie).
  • Julie McAllister is a cake artist and illusion cake designer and belongs to Charleston, South Carolina.

Henderson Gonzalez won Is It Cake season 3. He took $50,000 home and $15,000 (which he had already won), or $65,000.


Though the idea of Is It Cake? is absurd, the show is an absolute blast to watch. For now, three seasons of the show have been released on Netflix, and the audience is hoping for another season, and there is a reason for that.

Though, nothing is official yet, the show will likely return, as it does not take much time to film and has a low budget. So, this way, you can watch Is It Cake? season 4 sometime next year (2025).

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