Blox Fruits Codes for March 2024: Exp Boosts, Money & Reset Stats

    Blox Fruits is a top-rated Roblox game that will keep you occupied with its captivating features. Players embark on missions and bounties against other players, fight mobs, and gradually improve their characters by getting access to new skills and weapons after choosing their teams.

    Many players who missed out on Blox Fruits at launch are now picking it up for an exciting experience, thanks to a recent huge update that adds more fruits, a new island, a boss raid, more weaponry, and much more. But wait, there is more.

    With the character level ceiling increased to 2400, new players will have a lot of catching up to do because the game has been around for more than three years. That is where the codes for Blox Fruits are helpful.

    The levelling process can be significantly accelerated by using these codes, which are freely available and can grant XP bonuses, money, in-game titles, and stat refunds.

    If you want to learn more about it, keep scrolling!

    How to Use Codes for Blox Fruits

    The method for getting a Blox Fruit code is relatively easy. Select the small Twitter icon (the blue circle with the white bird) located on the left side of the screen after you’ve entered the game.

    After that, you can choose “Try” after entering the code in the box. Recheck our list, as the code may have expired if it doesn’t work. Have fun!

    What are Blox Fruit Codes, and How Important Are They?

    To help your in-game character become the strongest on the map, as previously stated, the codes provide free Beli, stat resets, and XP boosters. In the Roblox game, Blox Fruits, boosters, and resets are necessary to increase your fighting skills and efficiency overall.

    Moreover, beginners who choose not to grind to hit the level cap can utilize the two XP coupons for Blox Fruits, which are often known as Devil Fruits, and other essentials for enhancing the gaming experience can be bought using Beli.

    Nevertheless, you can use the codes to get more influence on the server. Sounds good, right? And here is the best part: new Beli codes should be released in conjunction with updates, milestones, and special events.

    Where to Find More Blox Fruit Codes

    The official Twitter feed for the game is the best way to find new Blox Fruits codes. Joining the game’s Discord server is another option; daily updates are made there.

    Ultimately, though, letting us do the searching for you and returning to this page often is the most straightforward approach to locating additional Blox Fruits codes.

    Blox Fruits Codes – Expired Codes

    These codes no longer work, so don’t waste your time with them (even if others claim they still work).

    • Starcodeheo
    • UPD16
    • KittGaming )
    • Bluxxy
    • Sub2OfficialNoobie
    • EXP_5B
    • 1BILLION
    • RESET_5B
    • UPD15
    • 3BVISITS
    • 2BILLION
    • UPDATE11
    • UPD14
    • ShutDownFix2
    • XMASXP
    • UPDATE10
    • Sub2CaptainMaui

    New Blox Fruits Codes (March 2024)

    • REWARDFUN – 2x experience for 20 mins
    • KITT_RESET – Stat Reset
    • Sub2CaptainMaui – 2x experience for 20 mins
    • Enyu_is_Pro – XP Boost
    • Magicbus – XP Boost
    • Sub2Fer999 – XP Boost
    • Starcodeheo – XP Boost
    • JCWK – XP Boost
    • KittGaming – XP Boost
    • Bluxxy – XP Boost
    • fudd10_v2 – Free Beli
    • Sub2OfficialNoobie – XP Boost
    • TheGreatAce – XP Boost
    • Axiore – XP Boost
    • Sub2Daigrock – XP Boost
    • TantaiGaming – XP Boost
    • StrawHatMaine – XP Boost
    • Sub2UncleKizaru – Stat Reset
    • Bignews – Free Title
    • Fudd10 – Free Beli
    • SUB2GAMERROBOT_RESET1 – Stat Reset

    Blox Fruits Code Troubleshooting [How to fix]

    When redeeming the codes, bugs or server overload may be the cause of “Code Invalid,” which appears beneath the code box. But no worries! You can restart the game and reactivate the codes to resolve this problem.

    By doing this, you will establish a new connection with a server and be able to redeem all of the Blox Fruits codes quickly.

    But make sure the codes are correct before clicking the save button, since you will see the same notice if you attempt to redeem an inactive code or one that contains mistakes.

    How Do You Get More Blox Fruits Money?

    The two easiest ways to obtain Blox Fruits money, or Beli, are by grinding missions and spending Robux. However, the fastest method to make money is to explore the world and look for treasure chests that are generated at random.

    When you do find a chest, you must approach it and punch it before any other players do in order to take home all of the spoils. However, because the servers are relatively tiny, there are frequently enough treasure chests to keep players from getting frustrated.

    Middle Island in the First Sea is a fantastic location to look for chests. There are three chests: one on the dock on either side, one by a tree in the middle between a few houses, and one above on the main building’s balcony. These can be repeatedly collected by switching servers, or they can respawn every few minutes.


    In March 2024, Blox Fruits codes gave players exciting boosts, lots of money, and the handy option to reset their stats. These codes make the game more fun and bring players together, helping them enjoy exploring, winning battles, and growing in the Blox Fruits universe. So this is your chance to get the newest 2024 codes and take your game to a whole new level!

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