How to Be a Good Tenant

    Everyone hopes to find a good landlord–one that’s fair, honest, and helpful–but renters must also hold their end of the bargain and be adaptable tenants. Aside from having a healthy financial standing and a clean renting track record, being responsible, flexible, and communicative are some of the criteria that property owners seek in a quality renter.

    To stand out from applicants and maintain a good relationship with your landlord, here are some tips on how to be a good tenant:

    Pay Your Rent on Time

    Perhaps one of the easiest but most important things you can do to be a high-quality tenant is to pay your rent on time, every time. Landlords value renters who can pay their dues every month, but life happens and sometimes, there can be delays.

    In times of financial instability, it’s best to communicate with your landlord and make a realistic payment goal if there’s an issue paying on the day rent is due. For example, when you tell them you’ll pay them in a week, make sure you do!

    Treat the Rental as Your Own

    A good tenant will care for their rental property as if it were their own. This means keeping their space clean and well-maintained at all times.

    To go the extra mile, it’s a good idea to get tenant insurance coverage for extra protection. Doing this not only ensures that your landlord can keep their property value high, but it also increases the likelihood of getting your deposit back in full.

    Communicate with Your Landlord

    A quality tenant will communicate with their landlord as much as possible regarding the property, especially when it comes to keeping it in good condition. Whenever you experience issues, big or small, it’s best to keep the property owner in the loop. This also allows them to swoop in if help is needed.

    Stick to the Contract

    Every renter-tenant relationship is bound by a contract that contains responsibilities expected from both sides. Good tenants always stick to the terms and respect the guidelines listed in the document. They don’t breach contracts, and if they encounter any issues or events that could cause conflict, they discuss everything with their landlord and take the initiative to find compromises and solutions.

    Be Considerate of Your Landlord

    As a tenant, you have needs and rights that you can expect your landlord to be considerate towards. Because this relationship is a two-way street, you should also be mindful of what your landlord expects from you. Be understanding of their words and actions, and remember that any rules or requirements they put in place are always there for a reason!

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