Game Streaming and Live Casino Gaming Demonstrating an Evolving Market

    Though it was often originally derided as silly and unnecessary, modern video game streaming has become an inseparable part of the industry. Offering potential experiences which are only possible with new technology, the concept of game live streaming reaches back into classic video game appeal.

    Similarly, the modern online casino development of live titles follows a relatable nostalgic track. In what could be seen as a form of convergent evolution, both of these avenues illustrate solutions to similar problems, and both are poised for considerable future success.

    As They Exist

    Having existed since the latter half of the 2010s, live casinos have expanded rapidly in a short amount of time. For a look at what’s on offer, those interested can visit Including typical casino games like roulette and blackjack, these live games now extend to more speciality titles such as Crazy Time, Monopoly Live, and Deal or No Deal. With dozens of tables to choose from, major websites will often feature live games as a cornerstone of the online casino experience.

    In live streaming, the best example of the current state of affairs could be seen in the category section of the website Twitch at On this page, the most popular games and sections have tens or even hundreds of thousands of viewers. Enjoying a steady upward trajectory since its inception in 2011, Twitch exceeds even YouTube as a live streaming service.

    Reasons for Popularity

    Despite being quite different on the surface due to disparities in player control, the ideas behind online casino live games and Twitch streams are much the same. Foremost, both of these systems are built on emulating direct human interaction. As social creatures, this form of pseudo-connectedness affects us on a primal level, as explored at

    For live titles, the parallel being drawn is one that combines the convenience of at-home play with the enjoyment that many players get from a more social environment. Playing on these tables means dealing with an intractable human, making it feel like users are really sitting at a table, even if they’re half a world away from the human host.

    Video game streaming takes a similar humanistic approach, and again relates efforts to older existing methods of play. Most relevant to the streaming ideal is the couch-coop play that used to be the core of friendly gaming, but which became less popular as lamented by Many of us spent a lot of time hanging out and playing games with friends in person in the early video gaming days, but the age of the internet has diminished this former favourite. By streaming, viewers are essentially given a path back to the friendly banter and relaxed attitude of older gaming, which is evidently something we still crave.

    In the grand scope of the market, the goal is to use technology to bring us together, combatting the fact that technology is what initially drove us apart. Over both live casino and video games, this push has proven immensely successful and looks to have carved out a path for future generations to follow. Plus, with VR and AR nipping at the heels of mainstream integration, these forms of play are only going to further evolve.

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