Why Jackpot Games Are so Popular Among iGamers

    What a year it was… 2020.

    Stuck at home, our mundane lives went into overdrive. For most people, their flat became their office, living space, and place to socialize with their peers (online).

    Luckily, there are online activities like online iGaming that broke that cycle and brought some excitement back on the table.

    Time goes fast when you are having fun. And what better way to have fun than playing online jackpot games. Before we go any further, let’s explain the difference between a regular slot game and a jackpot game.

    A jackpot game is a type of casino game that is identical to the regular slot game but differs in the bigger end-game reward – a progressive jackpot. A percentage of the bet is added to the pot from every game played online on the same slot. Every player has the chance to win the jackpot.

    This article will show why jackpot slots are so popular in the online community.

    You can play from anywhere in the world at your time of choosing

    Now games like poker and blackjack require a quiet atmosphere where players concentrate on the game and need no distractions. Once they lose focus, they might make a mistake and lose their bet. This can never happen with a jackpot game.

    These games are designed for the fun of it, not to get a headache of too much thinking. Just one tap on your phone or your computer, and you see the rows. If there are any winnings, the game will inform you. That’s why the flexibility is endless with jackpot games. Whether you are on the train in the morning on your way to work or sitting in the park late at night, no pressure, no headache – only fun.

    Jackpots that can reach six digits or more

    Regardless of your bets, all players have the chance to win big rewards. Jackpot games are designed to offer enormous payoffs for those who play the games more often. Some jackpot slots have limited jackpots, and they usually come once per week or, in some cases, once per month.

    However, there are jackpot slot games that have progressive jackpots that can make you an instant millionaire. This is especially the case of the most popular slot games on the iGaming sites. If thousands of players play the same slot, the progressive jackpot fills faster and gets bigger. With lady luck at your side, anything is possible!

    Worthy Welcome Promotions

    Those experienced iGamers, who have tried dozens of casinos, know what a welcoming casino means. Usually, casinos offer a 100% deposit casino bonus and a couple of free spins on their most popular games. However, in recent years, the best online casinos have shown others how it’s done.

    Their bonuses can reach up to 200% deposits and offer dozens of free spins on every slot in their library. Not only that, but they reward their most loyal players with daily, weekly or monthly promotions that can add even more bonus spins.

    Rich Library of Jackpot slots

    We’ve all seen iGaming sites that offer only a dozen slot games that are 4-5 years old. -Boring! Now, a decent jackpot casino has a rich library with variations in themes and different jackpot rewards. Whether they are for high-rollers or designed for the casual player, everyone can find a game that suits them.

    Speaking of themes, in the last few years, we’ve witnessed games designed around our favourite pop-culture characters and universes. Not only that, but they are investing heavily in better software that will surely bring more longevity in smart-device playing and increased security against cheaters and hackers.


    Now it is clear why iGamers prefer jackpot slot games more than anything in an online casino. The flexibility, the huge library of games, free spins and welcome bonuses and huge jackpot payouts all play a role for players to be attracted to one particular online casino. We think that you are ready to embark on this journey that is filled with fun, excitement and, more importantly, huge rewards.

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