9 Tips for Women Wearing Hoodies

    Hoodies are a staple winter wear for both men and women. During winter, the sales of hoodies reach skyrockets. From young toddlers, teens to even elderly people, everyone loves hoodies. They are cheap, easy to wear and go with everything. When it comes to tips for women wearing hoodies, finding the perfect style and fit is essential. Gelato offers a wide range of customizable hoodies to sell online, allowing women to express their unique fashion sense while staying comfortable and cozy.

    In this article, we will look at some popular ways women can wear hoodies, and appear cute, stylish, and fabulous.

    1. Wear All Black with Your Hoodies

    Since you are likely to wear hoodies in winter, going full black will not be a problem, especially if you’re wearing Yellowberry hoodies, as they have a range of awesome full black ones. You can wear a black t-shirt or a sweater inside your hoodie depending on how cold it is outside.

    You can also try black boots with black jeans to complete your full traditional Gothic black look. Likewise, you can bring some variety in color by wearing a different colored hat, or you can stick to the dark theme and wear a black hat.

    2. Wear Your Hoodie with a Blazer

    The hoodie by itself might not always be enough to fight the cold weather. To keep yourself warm, style your hoodie with a blazer on top. This will keep you warm even during the coldest nights.

    But you need to keep in mind that the color of the blazer contrasts with the color of your hoodie. One-colored hoodies or simple monogrammed hoodies go well with blazers.

    3. Combine Hoodies with Scarfs

    You can wear a scarf with your hoodie if you feel a bit fancy. Wrap a colorful scarf around your neck, and you will be good even without the hoodie cap.

    But make sure not to use a long scarf, or you might not be able to wrap it around your neck properly. The headcover of the hoodie takes some space so wear smaller scarfs. Also, do not tie the scarf too tightly because moving your head while wearing both a scarf and hoodie could be difficult.

    4. Hoodies with Hats and Sunglasses

    Even though hoodies are winter outfits, they can be worn on chilly summer days. You can wear them without using the headcover. But you need something else to shade your skin.

    This is where hats and sunglasses come in handy. Cowgirl hats with medium brims and dark sunglasses complement this style perfectly. Wear flip-flops or belt sandals with denim jeans and your summer hoodie look will be complete.

    5. Make a Semi-formal Look

    To turn your hoodie into semi-formal business wear, you can wear a suit on top of your hoodie, wear jeans, and two-strap heeled sandals. This semi-formal look is casual, friendly, and more approachable.

    Business requires you to talk with many people and if they feel comfortable around you due to your attire, then it might be a win-win scenario.

    But wear a plain one-colored hoodie that does not have various prints in it, otherwise, it would be too casual for your business look.

    6. Oversized Hoodies for a Baggy Look

    If you are used to wearing loose-fitting clothes in the summer, then you will also enjoy wearing oversized hoodies in the winter.

    There are quite a few benefits of wearing oversized hoodies. You can wear them with jeans, or as overcoats and wear fancy clothes inside. Wearing loose hoodies with skinny jeans and knee-high boots, or safety boots (the stylish ones) is very trendy these days.

    7. Create a 90s Look with Hoodies

    You can easily create a 90s look with your hoodies. Get a plain hoodie and wear a denim jacket on top of your hoodie. Wear boyfriend jeans and large dad sneakers.

    A bright hoodie with some tacky prints will look better. You can also choose a complete white hoodie since white goes well with light blue denim jeans and a jacket.

    8. Wear Puffer Jackets with Hoodies

    This is for girls who want a punk street look. You can wear a puffer or a bubble jacket on top of your hoodie. Make sure that the jacket is unzipped and unbuttoned.

    To complete the look, wear sweatpants that match the color of your puffer jacket. This will bring out the punk look. To finish it off, you can wear a pair of sunglasses and military boots.

    9. Tuck In Your Hoodies

    Tucked-in hoodies can also be very stylish. But you need to wear a long coat on top of your hoodie so as not to look weird.

    Wearing jeans with a tucked-in hoodie is preferred because trousers or chino/linen pants do not go well with this style. Wearing military boots or knee-high boots will complete this look.

    Type of Hoodies for Women

    1. Zip-up hoodies

    These hoodies can be unzipped when wearing, like the way you would wear a jacket. Zip-up hoodies are the easiest to wear.

    2. Pullover Hoodies

    You can wear these hoodies like a sweater. There are no zippers, so you need to buy the right size because a tight pullover hoodie is almost impossible to wear perfectly. Pullover hoodies come in many sizes, designs, and colors. Pullover hoodies are usually more puffy and comfortable.

    3. Knit Hoodies

    These hoodies are of knitted material, which makes them light, perfect for summer and spring. The knitted material and colors combine very well. It looks unique as well.

    4. Sleeveless Hoodies

    The perfect hoodie for your summer jobs. They look athletic and are very comfortable to work out in.

    5. Tunic Hoodies

    If you like wearing long garments, such as trench coats, then this tunic-style hoodie will fit your taste perfectly.

    Final Thoughts

    Hoodies are always trendy and each year, different types of hoodies appear on the market. These are flexible, comfortable, and match with almost any casual or semi-formal attire.

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