How to Generate Leads from Your Visual Content

    Lead generation is a direct approach to form a solid long-term connection with real customers who are ready to contribute to your business. Increasing leads means enhancing your brand awareness. Attracting prospects and turning them into leads results in creating a base for eventually regular audiences. The content that represents your brand should be a magnet that is capable of capturing leads and if it isn’t you can learn about salesnav here

    As much as we love reading, even more, we love graphic information to perceive: little text and a lot of visual eye-catchers, especially those that bring valuable and useful information. Visual content is always a magnet for prospects, therefore, you should move your focus on creating a stronger graphical representation of your brand. Let’s look at the most winning tips to do that.

    More stuff to watch

    Depositphotos states that 33% of the time people spend on the internet is devoted to watching videos. HighQ says that 28% of honorable smartphone owners watch videos on their phones daily. Wyzowl informs that 84% of users made positive purchasing decisions after seeing a video. This proves that videos are full of potential to generate leads who might eventually become your regulars. Just make sure that your videos align with the rules, created for capturing leads and making them stay till the final deal ( purchase, order, sign-up, etc.). Having a video that is not long, is informative – key moments in the beginning -, and seasoned with some humor, then there is a chance that people will want to know more and cooperate with your brand.

    Leverage infographics presence

    Infographics are indispensable when you intend on communicating some broad concepts in a detailed manner; demonstrating statistics, or sharing an enthralling story. Pictures in combination with the “up-to-the-point” text are liked by the visitors and usually learned through. You should not be a high-class graphic designer to create those. Turn to the bounty of graphic design apps that are present on the market and choose the one ( or several) that suits your selling needs the most. Honestly, without special design skills, you may create just about anything. Resume templates, newsletters templates, infographics templates, invoice templates,newsletter templates etc. are all available, do not be shy to customize them for your vision.

    Obviously magnetic content

    Here is the talk about ebooks, whitepapers, presentations, guides, meal plans, etc. If a prospect landed on your page then it assumes that there is a cure for his pains in your hands. Just play the cards right. Offer some enticing content that is attainable at the same time. This way your prospect will not only appreciate the aesthetics but also get a chance to try something real from your brand arsenal. The moment they liked the idea to download your presentation, you got your lead generated. This is why the quality of design of your magnets is crucial for your leads stepping forward. Choice of colors, fonts, material lay-up, and call-to-action buttons have to motivate somebody to do something and do it fast.

    Memes and…more memes

    Make some memes a part of your visual content strategy. They are popular, well-perceived, and always welcomed by the users. Humor provokes higher engagement rates and quite a friendly and fun tone for your future cooperation. The connection also gets a human touch which increases likability and enhanced reach.


    Visual content, clearly, plays a dramatic role in your lead generation strategy. In order to seal the deal ( having a prospect transformed into a lead and further into a client), you should consider leveraging your usage of graphic elements that will communicate the message of your brand and entice people in becoming a part of your big mission.

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