10 Best Game Apps to Win Real Money Instantly

    We all love to earn instant money and imagine if it comes from gaming apps! Nothing like it, right?  Smartphones have brought the world to our fingertips and there’s almost nothing that we cannot access. And naturally, with so much potential within our reach, we spend a significant amount of time in front of our screens. And more so during the pandemic. These pressing times have confined us to our homes and the need for entertainment is more than ever. Not only for the sake of it but also to maintain a sane state of mind.

    The e-entertainment industry has understood the nerves of its potential users and come up with amazing games and apps at real money online casino. Some of these are even better because they can help you earn money instantly. For the time is money, one should always look for earning even from leisure.

    Let us then, without any further delay, go through a list of the best apps to win real money.

    1.   PCHGames

    The Publishers Clearing House is pretty famous but not a lot of people know about its gaming app. This app features several amazing games that could fetch you over $2,000. You may also get lucky and win up to $1 million. You may also win vouchers, offers, and gift cards here. All in all, it’s a win-win situation.

    2.   WorldWinner

    WorldWinner is among those money-winning apps that allow you to participate in a competition against other people for money prizes.  Every day several users win over $500,000 and there are several categories for you to choose from. You can either participate in tournaments or play against individuals. The variety ranges from arcade-style games to card games, from sports games to strategy games, and much more. No matter what your inclinations are, you are bound to find one suitable for yourself. This website, however, requires a minimum deposit but for the facilities and fun you get, it’s nominal.

    3.   GameSville

    This is a web-based platform and you get GV rewards for both playing and winning games. The chances are thus quite high. If you do not want GV rewards, you may also opt for cash or other forms of coupons and rewards.

    4.   Bananatic

    If you are a game enthusiast, this is your go-to game. You can employ your expertise in gaming and technology and get something in return. All you need to do is play a new game and give your suggestion and feedback to the game developers. In return, you get virtual currencies to play games or even gift cards.

    5.   Game of Thrones Slot Casino

    Online slots are becoming extremely popular these days and developers are coming up with popular theme slots. One such is the Game of Thrones slot. If you have been a fan of the show, you can win money online by reminiscing about the aura of the show. It’s great for beginners who are willing to step into the world of casinos as well as for anyone who wishes to earn some money while having fun.

    6.   Willy Wonka Slots

    Another popular theme of Charlie’s Chocolate Factory attracts a lot of users on board. You may spin and win money or build your own Sweet Candy Crops in the game. It is addictive and fun to play. The website design is brilliant and you can also win credits y spinning your wheel.

    7.   InboxDollars

    Earning cash from this app is pretty easy. They pay you for the simplest online activities. You can earn points by watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, and such other tasks. You also get a joining bonus. So it’s more than you can ask for.

    8.   MyPoints

    MyPoints is quite similar to InboxDollars and lets you earn gift cards only by taking surveys, playing games, and doing your regular activities like online shopping. The pandemic has left us very few choices besides online shopping. We might as well earn a few gift cards. This app has over 2000 retailers like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. for you to shop from. So that basically covers all your necessities and you need not step out of the house.

    Once you have accumulated some points, you can either buy gift vouchers and cards or transfer them to your PayPal account. You also get a signup bonus of $5 after you complete 5 surveys.

    9.   DoubleDown Casino Slots

    Nothing beats casinos when it comes to earning money from games. Although it’s called slots, there’s a lot more you can actually do over here. Besides having over 100 slot machines, it also features Blackjack, Roulette, and video poker. You can either use your Credit/Debit card, or an e-wallet, or even cryptocurrency for playing this game.

    10. Blackout Bingo

    Winning at Blackout Bingo requires speed, concentration, strategy, and some luck and it is a fun game. Over 5 million players have rated Blackout Bingo to be unique and filled with possibilities. It is a fresh take on online games and rewards. Since it’s a card game and a lot depends on luck, you can win some crazy money if luck is on your side.

    Final Takeaway

    Mobile games and apps are witnessing a steep growth in their user community as well as in terms of development. With a certified and licensed site, your money is as safe as it can be and you need not worry about fraud. Download some of these casino apps to win real money and make our days better and richer. Everything is a little better with some cash or gift cards.

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