9 Ways to Break Your Smartphone Addiction

    Smartphones are powerful tools that can make our lives a lot easier. Most of us can’t imagine a life without one, as we use them for everything, like keeping in touch with friends, setting up appointments, shopping, reading news, and many more. On average, the typical smartphone user spends 3 hours 15 minutes on the phone every day.

    Do you think it would be easy for you to put down your phone and just walk away? If not, you are not alone. Nowadays, many people struggle with smartphone addiction. A phone overuse can reduce the quality of conversations you have in real life, negatively impact sleep quality, and impact your short-term memory.

    Here, you will find nine ways to break your smartphone addiction, including using apps to bolster your self-control, quitting charging your phone near the bed, or putting your phone away when you walk through the door. Keep reading and overcome your addiction!

    Get Rid of Social Media Apps

    Social media apps are a big part of our smartphones’ lives. These include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. The most important thing you can do to break your smartphone addiction is to delete all social media apps from your phone. This way, you will avoid the temptation of checking them when you are bored or stressed.

    Another option is to put a password on social media applications, so it will get tiring for you to key in a password every time you want to check anything. It is recommended to leave only those websites and applications that give your real value, the latest news in your country or the world, or learning websites, for example, Wealthy Gorilla.

    Use Your Time Efficiently

    Your smartphone takes up a lot of your free time that you basically waste. Instead, try focusing on something useful that can elevate your skills and expertise. You can invest time and money in yourself by reading books that are one of the best distractions from news and social media. Feel free to use Waterstones discount code and search for the engaging book of your choice.

    Turn off All Notifications

    The first thing you can do to break your smartphone addiction is to turn off all notifications on your phone. This way, you will focus on what’s happening around you and not on your phone. In addition, it will reduce the temptation to check your phone every few minutes, thus reducing the potential damage to your mental health.

    It is easier to say “no” to notifications than to your smartphone. Most apps send you a notification every time anything happens in the app. If you have hundreds of apps on your phone, it is easy to get distracted by those notifications, especially if they contain interesting news or offers.

    So, turn off all notifications and only check your messages once or twice per day. If you really need to be notified about everything that happens in your apps, consider using an app like Unify to filter the events that matter and send you notifications about them.

    Use a Smartphone App to Track Your Phone Usage

    There are many apps you can use to track your smartphone usage. Moment is the most popular one in this category, although there are some others, like Break Free, Checky, and more. All of them allow you to set limits on how much time you spend on your phone each day. Once you reach the time limit, your smartphone will block notifications and lock you out of the app.

    Use an App to Boost Your Self-Control

    There are many free apps that can help strengthen your self-control. One of them is AppDetox. With this app, you will set a target usage time, such as 30 minutes a day and limit yourself from using other apps for the rest of the day. If you try to use an app outside of your usage time, the app will block it until the time is over. Start using it today and watch how much more productive you will be.

    Charge Your Phone Elsewhere

    Why do you keep your phone near the bed? If you can’t answer this question, it’s time for you to quit doing it. Eventually, charging your phone near the bed will result in less sleep quality. For example, at night, when you wake up in the middle of the night, you may check your phone and go back to sleep with it next to you. This will impact your sleep quality and make your mind distracted in the morning.

    Don’t Check Your Phone During Meal Times

    One of the biggest smartphone addictions is checking a phone while eating meals. It is a bad habit because it makes you more distracted and less focused on conversations with your family and friends. After some time, you realize that you lost so much precious time that you couldn’t get back again. To stop this bad habit, try putting your phone in another room during meal times and enjoy the company of those who care about you.

    Quit Checking Your Phone When You Are Waiting for Something

    It is hard to resist checking your phone when you are waiting for something, like for a friend to arrive or something else. One way to help yourself stop doing this is to set a timer for yourself before you start waiting for something and then switch off your phone once the timer goes off. This way, you will avoid checking your phone while waiting and stay more focused on what is going on around you.

    Lock Your Smartphone With a Password at Night

    You can use a password to lock your phone so that no one else can check your social media accounts or surf the Internet after you go to bed. This way, you won’t be tempted to check your phone when you wake up in the middle of the night.

    Another idea would be to download an application that allows you to lock your phone with a mathematical exercise to complete before you can unlock your phone.

    Put Your Phone Under Your Pillow When You Sleep

    It may sound odd, but putting your smartphone under your pillow will help you disconnect from it at night. The most common reason for checking our phones at night is that we wake up in the middle of the night and just want to check the time. If you put your phone under the pillow and go to sleep, you can’t see what time it is, so you won’t be tempted to check your apps, social media or email.


    There are so many ways you can reduce your phone usage during the day – all you need is a strong will to resist the temptation of checking your phone. Download proper applications that help you combat your phone addiction. Implement these nine tips into your everyday life, and you will notice a boost in your mood and concentration.

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