The Best Gift Ideas For Sports Fans

    Buying the right gift can be a difficult task, but there’s no better feeling when you do get it right and give a gift that the receiver loves. If you’re buying for the sports fan in your life, you might be wondering how to incorporate their passion into your gift, especially if you’re not a sports fan yourself. Here are some of the best gift ideas for sports fans, whether that’s your boyfriend or your mum. 


    Tickets for a sporting event are the obvious choice as a gift. If you can afford to, buy a couple of tickets to see their favorite team. If you’re not as enthused by the same, make sure they know they don’t have to offer you the spare ticket! After all, they’ll have more fun with someone who shares their enthusiasm, and you probably don’t want to go anywhere. If you’re feeling really, generous, a pass for the season could be ideal.

    If you’re on a tighter budget, look into cheaper options. Training and pre-season league games are often much cheaper to attend but can be very interesting for sports lovers. 


    Can’t stretch to tickets to the big game? Send them for a tour of an important sporting site. Many large sporting venues offer tours to fans during the off-season, and a glimpse behind the scenes can be fascinating. Just avoid the worst NHL arenas.

    If there isn’t a good stadium near you that offers tours, what about a sports museum or hall of fame? These often offer good tours and can be just as interesting as seeing a sports venue. Look and see what’s near where your sports fan friend lives that you think they might find interesting. 


    Sports memorabilia can be a great and really fun gift too. Most sports teams sell merchandise, and you can find everything from sports shirts to mugs with the team’s logo on it. Buy a few pieces like this, and your friend is sure to appreciate them. 

    Does your friend save souvenirs like ticket stubs? If they do, then why not gift them a way to create their own memorabilia and save some of these souvenirs in a way they can display them. For example, a shadowbox with a slot in the top can be used to drop tickets into. You can see the ticket stubs inside, and remember the games they’re from. This is much more fun than leaving them shoved in a drawer where nobody can see or enjoy them.

    Novelty Gifts

    If you’re on a tighter budget, you could look at sporting themed novelty gifts. These are often cheaper than proper memorabilia but can put a smile on the receiver’s face. 

    For example, you could buy them something fun like barbecue tools with golf club handles, a mug in the shape of a football, a bike seat cover with a rude message on it, or the classic pair of novelty socks. Just make sure you get their sense of humor right, so you know what they will find funny and what they will find rude. 

    Video Message

    Does your sports-loving pal have a sports star that they really love? You could buy them a personalized video message from their favorite store. Many sports stars are now on websites like Cameo, where you can buy a custom message. Give the star your friends information, and the sports celebrity can wish them a happy birthday, congratulate them on their graduation, or send a message for whatever the occasion might be. 

    If you can’t find their favorite star on Cameo, it could be worth reaching out to them on social media. You might not get anywhere, but depending on how famous (and busy) the person is, they might be willing to help. It never hurts to ask. 

    Sports Art

    If your friend lives with other sports fans (or at least someone who doesn’t mind sporting decor) then, why not buy some beautiful sports-themed art. 

    Look out for vintage sports art pieces, like vintage tickets blown up into wall art, old posters, or paintings of great sporting moments. You might be able to find paintings of classic Nascar cars, for example, that will appeal to their passion for sport, but still look good on the wall. 

    Tailgate Supplies

    Lots of sports fans love tailgating. Tailgating is an important part of football games, after all. Why not give them supplies to make tailgating even better, like some comfortable folding chairs with cup holders in the arms, a folding table, a cool bag for their beers, or some travel cups. You might even be able to find these with their sport’s teams logo on. They’ll love having branded kit to get out and show their friends at the next tailgate. 


    You can give sports merchandise clothing, like official shirts and baseball caps. Think practically too. For example, would they benefit from a hoody or a waterproof jacket with their team’s logo on to keep them warm and dry in the stands during bad weather. 

    If your friend plays sports themselves, you could gift clothing for them to wear while they play themselves. For example, gift them with practical pieces for training. 

    Sports Equipment

    If your sports-loving friend plays a sport themselves, they may appreciate some equipment for that. You could buy things like balls, hockey sticks, golf bags, or tennis rackets. If you can, try to subtly find out what they need, so you know you’re gifting them something that will be useful,  not something they already have several of. This can be easy to get wrong if you’re not a fan of the sport yourself, so definitely do your research before you buy anything. If the person is the basketball lover then you can give them the basketball shoes and now a day there are some cheapest nike basketball shoes available in the online and offline store

    A sports gift is sure to be well-received, whether you buy sporting equipment or something for your friend to display their sports souvenirs. Do a little research, and try to find out what they might like or what they might need, so you can give them something that they will really love.


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