Instruments that MADE Electronic Music What it is

    Through the decades, electronic instruments have seen an increase in power and capability along with a decrease in cost, making it so much easier to create the electronic music that we know and love today. Here are some popular instruments used to make electronic music.

    A key instrument to the future of electronic music

    Behold, the LinnStrument. Despite its unusual name, this instrument developed by Roger Linn has transformed the way that electronic music is created and products.

    Complete with flashing LED lights, this instrument looks more like a dancefloor than a typical piece of equipment you’d see in a DJ booth. Thanks to the right connectors, the lights illuminate and indicate the location of different notes that sit within a certain scale. Each colour can be programmed to meet the needs of the player.

    It can also warp and time-stretch sounds to create unique and new audio that can help bring the genre to new heights. With five different types of polyphonic touch sensing, this device can make almost any sound you want it to. You can also upload your own samples to it, break them down and build them back up again.

    Popular electronic instruments

    • Electronic keyboard
      One of the most popular types of electronic instrument is the famous electronic keyboard. Used by many bands and artists, this instrument has been used and developed over the years to replicate not only the sounds of a classical piano or organ, but a whole heap of miscellaneous sounds too. The electronic keyboard can also simulate sounds a guitar would make or can be used with your own sample sounds to create a unique and wonderful mash-up.
    • Roland Octapads
      Percussionists can use this instrument divided into 8 sections to give a sound variant of the instrument they are using. The type of tap along with the force of the tap will determine the sound that is made. Combine this instrument with a pair of drumsticks and you essentially have a full drum kit that’s much more compact.
    • Theremin
      This weird and wonderful instrument was incredibly popular in the 80s as it could create high pitched sounds that would enhance any pop song of the time. This instrument is so special because it doesn’t require physical contact and would be played by simply reading the position of the user’s hands. The two antennas would create electric signals which where then converted into frequency and would create the unusual tones.

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