Planning a Big Event Soon? Here’s a List of Things You Might Have Missed

    From weddings to graduation parties, bachelorette, birthdays, and anniversaries, special events and celebrations are part and parcel of life. Whether corporate or social, these events have one thing in common. The main idea is to make the day feel special to both the host and the guests while leaving a lasting memory of the special day.

    When you have an upcoming event to plan or host, you will have a lot running through your mind. In this state, it is not unusual to skip some of the most essential details that your event depends on to achieve the intended goals and fulfill the purpose. This is why event planners will often start by creating a checklist at least a few weeks or months before the d-day depending on the size and type of the occasion. In case you are planning a big event soon, here is a list of things you might have missed.  

    1. Reliable Music Entertainment 

    To be honest, no event is ever complete without a good dose of music, play, and dance as part of the entertainment. The audience as well as the host or guest of honor will need to be entertained for the event to be lively and enjoyable. In most cases, this all boils down to the kind of music you choose for your event.

    While playing a few mixtapes and recorded music from the DJ’s booth might do the trick, sometimes it gets boring and monotonous. In this case, a live band could be all you need to spruce things up. Depending on the guests you expect, you will rarely go wrong considering an orchestra. This means out to several jazz bands for hire so you can choose one that the crowd will best resonate with. Despite your event type, a popular jazz band can be a great way to add fun, energy, and enthusiasm to your big party.

    2. Preparation for Overcrowded Sessions 

    In any case, you should have someone on hand to talk to your visitors. The expected number of guests could be exceeded if your speaker is well-known or has an attractive topic to discuss. Most people fail to consider that the expected guests could exceed the projected numbers. It could be embarrassing if there are empty seats with no occupants, more so if some of your audiences are forced to stand throughout the event. This is why you must be prepared and have a contingency plan in place in case the figures go above your expectations.

    3. Dietary Restrictions 

    People have varied eating preferences in the world we live in. To some, they aren’t actually preferences, but rather limitations brought on by health issues. When you’re organizing an event, make sure to take this into consideration. Most people don’t do this since it’s impossible to predict how many people will take or prefer what’s on your menu. Also, you don’t want to have to make assumptions and come up with either too little or too much food for these people. Don’t put it off until the last minute. Don’t take a chance! It looks bad on you, makes guests feel unwelcome, and the worst part is that it will almost certainly result in complaints. Make a Google form and share the URL with all of your visitors so you know what to expect.

    4. Device Charging Points 

    We live in a technologically advanced society where most people can’t help but bring their phones, tablets, and even laptops wherever they go. While one may argue that power banks exist, we can all agree that people will need to recharge their devices at some point. Even if your event is super exciting, someone with a dead battery may not be able to fully appreciate the pleasure and excitement. This is why as you arrange your plans, you need to make sure there are charging stations available at various points. Also, make sure your visitors can find them easily. They must also be sufficient, as you do not want your guests to form lines and take turns using a single charging station. It can be really humiliating.

    5. Readiness for Emergencies 

    For the most part, an event is meant to be about having fun and meeting new people. Others refuse to plan for emergencies because they do not believe they will occur. However, you can’t predict the future, and it’s never a bad idea to be cautious. Multiple things can happen at a large event, and there may be multiple emergencies at the same time. For instance, someone may have health problems that are unrelated to the party. It would be such a shame if you never anticipated such issues and took the necessary precautions to confront them.

    Planning a huge event can be an extremely tedious task. However, it gets easier if you have a comprehensive checklist to guide you. With the above few pointers in mind, you can ensure you don’t miss some of the most important things that make the event fun and enjoyable.

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