The Best Titles in the Fallout Series

    Fallout remains the largest RPG worldwide and highly remembered for the American theming and obsessions. It is a series having plenty of titles varying wildly from the fast to the last.

    The first Fallout games were focused on roleplay, while others have continued to focus on exploration but less on dialogue. Therefore, the division ensures Fallout appeals to most people. If you’re a fan of RPGs or want to explore an apocalyptic setting, then look no further. The Fallout universe presents something special for you.

    However, in this series, the best titles include:

    Fallout New Vegas

    The truth is that this game was rigged from the beginning. It remains the perfect example of how the series games should be. Fallout: New Vegas has the best opening in video game history. You have to play this game as a Mojave Express courier, where you will deliver a mysterious package.

    While moving, you get caught and left for dead. Before you know it, you’re caught up in something much bigger. And from there on, you become in charge of how things will play out. You need to traverse the landscapes of Vegas, where you encounter shady characters on the way.

    Three great powers – the elusive Mr. House, Caesar’s Legion, and the New California Republic – aim to outplay others to control Mojave Wasteland. This will be upon you on whether you want to be involved.

    Fallout New Vegas remains one of the memorable games with great experiences in the entire series. These experiences are similar when playing Platin Casino games.

    Fallout Shelter

    The other game in the series is Fallout Shelter. The amazing thing about the game is that it was ported to PC and consoles. When playing the game, you can create a vault as an Overseer – where you control the inhabitants of the vault and infrastructure.

    In this game, you can explore the wasteland looking for new items you can use. Mole rats infesting your vault and Fallout insanity are things to expect.

    The game may lack memorable characters you find in the main titles or in-depth questioning, but it’s enjoyable to warrant a try.

    Brotherhood of Steel

    This Fallout Tactics game is another game worth checking. The game has common things such as strategy games like XCOM, unlike the main Fallout IP. However, Fallout Tactics continues to keep core elements intact.

    In addition, this game contains a respectable plot such that it does its own thing without interfering with the game. While playing, you have to control a squad with six soldiers – both humans and Deathclaws.

    You can play Tactics in turn-based or real-time, and it allows more tactical gameplay. Moreover, the game has multiplayer mode allowing you to fight with any squad member you control. That makes this game focus on Fallout’s combat rather than RPG mechanics and the story.

    The Final Thoughts

    Through post-apocalyptic America wastelands, there is something that will remain the same: war. That’s because war never changes. To pick these best Fallout series from the list is a hassle because all are darn good.

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