15 Ways to Avoid Getting Ripped Off at Live Casinos

    It’s not enough to just know how to play the games. You should also know how to play them online for the best odds. Here are some ways you can avoid getting ripped off when playing casino games and live casinos. If you’ve ever fantasized about gambling, but are put off by the high cost of a casino vacation, read on for some great tips and tricks to avoid getting ripped off at live casinos.

    This list has been compiled from extensive research and interviews of casino owners, industry experts and customer service representatives. From the best place to find potentials live casinos to rules that all players should know before playing at any venue, this article will be an invaluable resource for anyone thinking about visiting one of these venues for the first time.

    Decide what you’d like to do before you enter the live casino

    Choose your game and then go to the 888 casino website and learn about the rules of blackjack, roulette, poker or whatever else you choose to play. There are websites that list all live casino games for different types of players. If you want a better chance of winning, read up on the rules of each game before you play.

    Always play with a card counter

    If you like to try your hand at the rest of the table, especially if you’re playing live blackjack, you need to learn how to play without a card counter. Any time you’re dealing 7 or more in blackjack, the house edge is 3.88%. A skilled player can beat this amount by adjusting their bets every two hours while their opponent makes adjustments only every hour. 

    Pay attention to the house’s edge

    Most casinos have an edge percentage posted somewhere in the casino. Check it out before you play so that you know what kind of odds you’re playing against.

    Evenness is important

    A casino with a 6% house edge will pay out more than a lower-edge one, but it depends on whether or not you get the same reward for winning. If you win regularly, take a closer look at the game where most people lose money and play there instead.

    Find the best casino bonus codes

    There’s nothing quite like a free-money offer. A lot of casinos will give you a free $50 or $100 when you sign up for their player rewards program, and even more, they will have a welcome bonus that lets you play with real money before you deposit any of your own. These are usually for new players only, so make sure you sign up soon after signing up.

    Find a good live online casino for your type of game

    If you like to play just one game or are looking for the best live casino bonus, you’ll want to make sure you’re playing at a casino that has great odds for that game. Online roulette fans who want to get the best odds should always play at European Roulette, while high rollers in Las Vegas may want to choose between the MGM Grand or Caesars Palace.

    Be careful of bonuses with a lot of strings attached

    Not all live casino bonuses are worth it. If you’re getting a bonus with 50X playthrough requirements, you may as well not even bother. Many online casinos have much better bonuses, including ones that just have a 20X playthrough requirement or even none at all. Always go for the best option!

    Dealer is human, and sometimes she’s off her game

    If the dealer is showing a lot of emotion, apologize for her mistakes and be extra nice to her. You don’t want to make her angry when she has the best hand and you’ve just got nothing.

    Know the difference between a good dealer and a bad one

    If you always win when the dealer is good, she’s probably not a very good dealer and will probably show emotion when you lose. Watch her hand before putting it in order to make sure she doesn’t have any kind of tell.

    Avoid talking to the dealer

    Many casinos have a rule that players can’t talk to the dealer during a hand. This seems like a great rule, but it’s actually a bad one as you could be making the dealer angry, and she could mess up your play. Just let her take her time.

    Look for alternative strategies in case you don’t know what to do

    Casino rules change every single day and may be completely different from what you were taught at home. Always keep an open mind and consider the dealer’s strategy if you don’t know what to do.

    Know how to spot a good or bad online live casino

    The first thing you should do is check out the welcome offer. Bad casinos will let you play just a few spins or use your bonus funds just once, good casinos will have deposit bonuses with 20X playthrough requirements, and great ones will have wagering requirements that are very similar to the deposit bonuses so that you can double your money by making two deposits instead of one.

    Know the rules before you play

    As stated previously, read up on the rules of each game that you want to play. For instance, Pai Gow poker is a lot different from regular poker, and live blackjack is a lot different from video blackjack. Practice at home until you’re ready to take your game to the next level.

    Pay attention to the live dealer’s hand

    If you’re playing any kind of table game, make sure you watch the dealer’s hand and not just your own. The worst thing that a live dealer can do is ask the pit boss if he should bust someone, and if you’re not watching out for this, you could get caught up in an awkward situation.

    Look out for multiple bets on a single bet

    Many people play multiple hands because they’re afraid of getting stuck in a 100X blackjack game or something like that. This is a bad idea because the house edge is still very high depending on the number of games you play. If you want to play multiple hands, find out what your odds are and keep it down to one or two per hour.

    Closing Notes

    The best way to ensure that you’re always playing a live casino game with the lowest possible house edge is to learn how to play and then find an online casino with the best possible payoff. If you learn one thing from this article, make sure it’s this: You can’t have fun if you’re losing money. The idea behind going into a live online casino is to get “high” on gambling, not “drunk” on it.

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