Upscaling your Outdoor Living Space

    During the summer, our backyard becomes a place where memories are formed, and connections are made. If you’re someone that loves to spend most of their time outdoors and interested in upscaling, these ideas may spark your interest. Even if you can only enjoy the hot weather for a few months every year, you can still get a lot of use out of these upgrades or you can simply transform your patio with the charm of window flower boxes from

    Add an Overhead Covering or Roof

    Many modern homes that come with a backyard won’t have a roof, a converted patio, or a marquee. However, if you want to add electronics to the space or outdoor furniture that needs to stay dry, constructing a permanent or temporary overhead is a must. Pavilions, pergolas, gazebos, arbors, and pop-up umbrellas or canopies are more cost-effective than roofs.

    Convert a Room Into an Outdoor Space

    Instead of installing a roof over your patio, you may be able to convert a room into an outdoor space. You could still use this room in the Winter if you add removable shutters or sliding doors/windows. If you plan on only using this area for the summer, call a building inspector to ensure the outside wall doesn’t contain structural beams, electrical wiring, or plumbing.

    Bring the Inside Out

    Standard landscape design for patios typically features stone or tiled walkways that merge the inside with the out and provide an opportunity to shop for landscape services. By instantly upscaling your deck and separating your backyard into two sections—the living/entertainment space and the garden—you can create a space where your family can step off from the house without the need for footwear, as they never really left their home.

    Build a Shed or Pool House

    Sheds aren’t just for storing tools or garden equipment; many homeowners have bought, built, or restored smaller backyard buildings into usable rooms. These tiny retreats can cost you anywhere from $5,000-$15,000 if you add electricity and heating. It’s common for homeowners to use this space for reading, meditating, yoga, or a relaxation area away from their home.

    Incorporate a Kitchen or Bar

    Garden parties are a lot of fun, but if you’re cooking or hosting the event, you may feel like you’re being left out on essential bonding time with your family or friends. Nowadays, outdoor spaces feature entire kitchens that include built in grill options, cooktops, small refrigerators, and sinks made from brick or stainless steel, which means you can prepare and serve meals without missing a beat.

    Install a Fireplace or Fire Pit

    A classic mainstay of any outdoor living space, the inclusion of a fireplace or fire pit can make any space feel warm and cozy. While electric fireplaces can be installed in any wall that contains an outlet, you’ll need to be cautious when adopting a fire pit. Fire pits need open-air, advanced knowledge of fire safety, and optimal clearance to account for sparks.

    Buy a Hot Tub, Install a Pool or Incorporate a Water Feature

    Pools are endlessly entertaining, but if you want a water feature that doesn’t require heavy maintenance or a huge upfront cost, purchase a hot tub. On the other hand, you can add fountains, streams, or small waterfalls to your garden if you’re interested in the zen-like feeling water creates. Any water feature can also be used to water your plants if it isn’t chlorinated. 

    Plant a Garden With Herbs and Flowers

    Herb gardens are becoming incredibly popular in apartment patios and backyards alike because they’re a cheap and tastier alternative to buying store-bought varieties. Although vegetable gardens are seen as less attractive, they’re also rising in popularity. However, a traditional hedge and flower garden will always look beautiful if you plan your landscape appropriately.

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