5 best casino games for beginners

    Being a newbie has its advantages – high rollers won’t take you seriously and will often overlook your moves, but there is an element of surprise in your hands, especially if you came fully prepared. Based on the ruleset, possibilities to apply your style of playing, and chances to score a big win faster than in some other niches, we bring you the best of the best for a beginner.

    Slot games

    The simplest of all games in terms of gameplay, modern slots emerged from mechanical “one-hand bandits” installed in bars and saloons all over America. Initially, the prize pool was modest and was all about a free drink or sandwich, but it was clearly more than enough for a growing army of fans to start a lucrative romance with this kind of entertainment.

    Then we had and still have slot machines as gaming terminals again installed in bars, restaurants, landline establishments, and pretty much everywhere where operators saw at least a smallest chance for profit. Prizes become larger and those you could score in the most prestigious Las Vegas or Monte Carlo casino floor raised to millions of dollars.

    As stated more than a few times now, technology advancements made it possible for all gamblers to experience a slot game without having to leave their homes. The first sites that emerged back in the 1990s saw it as a novelty that saved money for expensive trips and hotel stays enabling punters to use funds for gaming. Now we witness a revolution where once simple games turned into fully functional video adventures with bonuses, free spins, and other perks perfect for newbies to build a strong bankroll. In fact, after reading reviews of the best sites offering a $10 deposit casino bonus, you’ll know how to benefit in one of the easiest casino games ever.


    Craps is probably the most fun and exciting casino game for beginners to be played with just two dice. Coincidentally, craps is also a term used when a throw is lost. Each round is divided into two phases: ‘Come Out Roll’ and ‘Point’. It seems complicated but believe us: it is possible to learn craps rules quickly and then everything is ready for your first bet.

    The start of the round is the ‘initial roll’: if the result of this roll is 2, 3 or 12 (Craps) then it ends in defeat for all players who have placed the ‘pitcher wins’ bets. If the score is 7 or 11 (Natural), then a punter who has placed the ‘pitcher wins’ bet wins.

    If there is any other result (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10), that number becomes a ‘point’ and the circle moves to the second phase. If the pitcher hits the ‘point’ again, all ‘pitcher wins’ are won. If he rolls and wins seven (Seven-Out), all ‘pitchers win’ lose, and a new round begins.

    Video Poker

    With a loose connection to the game of skills and more related to games guided by Lady Luck, this is a hybrid genre that combines poker and popular online slots of top providers. Video-poker gives you the much-desired anonymity in the sense that you can play casino games alone and without the psychological pressure that sometimes disturbs you while playing against real opponents. In other words, in this case, you don’t have to mess with dealers or opponents who annoyingly comment on your gameplay.

    Since entering the casino scene in the 1970s, video-pokers have become one of the most popular games of chance where house has a lower edge than in other casino gambling options.

    There are many types of video poker to find and each one is played differently. What matters is to pay attention to the ruleset and what types of winning combinations to choose. Somewhere you will encounter a classic game that has no additional functions, while some video-pokers offer the end possibility of winning a progressive jackpot.


    If you’re a James Bond fan, then you’ve probably already heard of Baccarat, because Chemin de Fer variation is Secret Agent 007’s favorite casino game. Baccarat is surrounded by an aura of exclusivity because it’s a table game most often played by the rich and aristocracy. Also, there is the hard fact that baccarat casino tables usually have a very high minimum bet, which in some places is as much as $100. Fortunately, in online casinos, this minimum bet starts from $0.1, and everyone can afford to play this aristocratic game from time to time.

    Baccarat is an easy card game played with a standard deck of 52 cards (usually 6 or 8 decks). The goal is to predict whose hand will win (the player’s or the banker’s). The hand whose value is closer to 9 is the winner.

    Players love it because of the low house edge, the 50/50 chance of a big win, the fun pace of play, and the exciting ruleset. Variations of baccarat have always attracted punters with a slightly richer budget. Baccarat is currently considered the most popular casino gambling pastime in Asia and is also popular around the world.


    If you’ve ever been to a casino, or only seen it on TV, you know about this great game. There is usually a big crowd and a good atmosphere around tables of one of the most popular casino games ever.

    Since its inception, there have been several different versions even though all of them rely on a golden trio: a roulette wheel, a ball, and a board. The biggest differences are that the so-called European variation has one zero, while the American version has two zeros. In 2016, the Venetian casino in Las Vegas presented a wheel with three zeros that several more venues have later adopted. When playing on the Internet, you can use many online casino games bonuses to spend and learn the basics.

    One of the main reasons why this easy game has become a lot popular is that even a beginner has exceptional betting options and thus winnings. Due to the high house edge, croupiers always have a house advantage. However, by using a basic strategy or improved strategies such as Martingale and Fibonacci, you can increase your winning odds on a long run.


    Along with the above-mentioned, newbies are also welcomed to try blackjack that also belongs to the best games with good chances to beat the bank and make profit. Before choosing any, just make sure to respect the main rule: play responsibly, have a dedicated budget, and learn with every new step you take.

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