How Does Free Spins Work? Explanation

    Free spins are one of the most anticipated casino bonuses among slot enthusiasts. Most casinos offer a range of free spins to keep the audience enticed. These bonuses can give players a slight edge, which is why they’re hugely popular among both amateurs and veteran players.

    How Do Free Spins Work?

    Free spins work slightly differently depending on if they’re offered in-game or as part of a casino bonus. While the basic mechanism is the same for both instances, there are a few superficial differences.

    For instance, if you’re encashing free spins rewarded by the casino, instead of deducting the betting value from your account balance, a free spin is used when you spin the reels. However, if you’re using a free spin granted in-game, you’ll know that the next spin is free.

    Types of Free Spins

    While there are several types of free spins, we’ll discuss the top two variations that are most popular.

    Promotional Free Spins

    This type of reward is ready for use the next time you play your favourite game. These generally apply to a single title or a small selection of games. While encashing, the game should display that you’re about to use free spins. Double-check your account balance before and after playing a few hands just to be sure.

    In-Game Free Spins

    Free spins that are awarded in-game come at a certain stake size. Hence, you might not be able to adjust the specifics. If you win free spins in-game after your bonus round, the game stores the size of your stake that you use at the time. However, certain benefits like a 3x multiplier might be awarded at the end of every spin. Many games have a bonus retrigger round, which keeps adding free spins for you to use.

    How to Get Your Hands on a Free Spins Bonus?

    There are several ways to earn free spins. Let’s quickly glance at the easiest methods.

    Create a New Casino Account

    Most casinos offer several free spins as part of their welcome bonus. Top-rated operators often hand out no deposit bonuses coupled with free spins to lure new players. However, read the wagering requirements before signing up.

    Compare Offers on Casino Affiliate Sites

    As new online casinos are mushrooming every day, it’s hard to shortlist casinos offering the biggest rewards. Casino affiliate websites rank and compare the top-rated operators based on region. For instance, you can search for free spins in the UK. This segregation helps players find the best bonuses. Most affiliate sites check several parameters while comparing online casinos. Hence, take your pick depending on your requirements.


    While free spins amplify your chances of hitting the jackpot, don’t forget to familiarise yourself with the wagering requirements. Every casino has a unique set of norms listed under the terms of use. You can either analyse them individually or visit for a detailed comparison. This helps avoid misunderstandings later on.

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