Are Pay to Win Games Worth it?

    Playing is something you do for fun. But for some time now, some have suggested that we can make money by playing. It is the dream of all Internet users! No need to work and earn real money playing video games on your computer with the right application. Know that you will be able to supplement your end of the month and supplement your income a little, but you will never earn a salary. It will never replace a job, but it can quite generate an interesting additional income. So, is paying to win games worth it?

    Free or Paid games, the Gain Will Not Be the Same!

    Some sites offer you online games that allow you to win money or freebies. These games are very often entertaining. There are several types of games: free scratch cards, lottery games, casino games, etc. Besides, you can easily find the best online casinos like Michigan casinos where you can play your favourite casino games. The more you play, the more points you earn. With these points you can receive money or gifts. Most of these games are completely free, but there are also paid games. Of course, for gambling, the chances of winning are even greater. Cash wins are immediate the moment you play. You can choose to withdraw your money directly by wire transfer. On the other hand, some sites are completely free, meaning you don’t need to deposit any money. Others operate with deposits of money. It’s up to you to see what you prefer. The advantage of sites that ask for deposits is that they usually earn more. However, beware of scams, there are many free games to make money on the internet, but some are not serious.

    Time Wallet, an Application That Pays its Players!

    What if you got paid to play games on your smartphone? The proposal is enticing. Whether it’s on public transport, in the bathroom, or in the doctor’s waiting room, many people spend their time playing games on their phones. Monetizing your gaming moments is the promise of many mobile applications. This is notably the case of the Time Wallet application, which is free and available on iOS or equivalent to AppLike on Android, via the Google PlayStore. You are free to download this application. Sure, you make money gambling, but don’t expect to be a millionaire as the advertisements suggest. There is no scam, the Time Wallet team have already paid off some happy players with their low rewards. This kind of app has a nasty habit of rewarding you if you give a review early on. The problem is, it skews the overall rating of the app. Admit that the idea is attractive. The very idea of getting paid to play is enticing. But is it really interesting for the player? In fact, with Time Wallet, after an hour of play, you’ll earn fifty cents at best. After 3 hours of play, you may have won 2 dollars. Beyond the 3 hours of games, it is difficult to win a penny. At this point, the app gradually loses its interest, and many decide to uninstall the app. In addition, it is prone to bugs and you risk seeing your playing time invalidated at any time, or not seeing any game to test. You should also know that applications like Time Wallet aim to make money by paying very modestly to a community of players, sometimes eager to earn a few cents. If the disappointed do not stay, there are always those who persist and hope to win more one day. They are the ones who make money for the company that offers this service!

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