18 Best Quotes from Sex Education Season 3

    Netflix’s hit series Sex Education recently released its third season and has already been renewed for a fourth. The beloved characters continue to grow in season 3, beginning their transitions from adolescence to adulthood. Otis and Maeve’s sex clinic has been abolished, along with the asbestos-ridden bathrooms, but the new headteacher introduces a new set of problems to the students of Moordale.

    The show continues exploring sexuality through a lens of humour, which makes the serious issues easy to watch and understand. Dialogue is a big part of the comedy in Sex Education, and even the more stoic characters like Rahim get their fair share of memorable quotes. However, the story also tackles some darker topics, especially in Aimee, Lily, and Jean’s season 3 storylines. Here are eighteen of the best quotes – whether comedic or empowering – from season 3 of Sex Education.

    1. Ruby (in a flashback): I’m early 2000s Christina Aguilera.
      Otis: Very cool. I’m macaroni cheese.
      Ruby: Shut up and have sex with me.
      Otis: What are you sad about tonight?
      Ruby: I’m a teenage girl, Otis. I’m always sad.
      Eric (in the present): Wait. Why were you macaroni cheese?
      Otis: That’s not the point, Eric!
    2. Ruby: You are a badly dressed stick man with a creepy mustache.
    3. Aimee: But all the flour, it’s making me constipated. Last week, I didn’t do a sh*t for five days. Then when I finally did do a poo, it was like my bum had this gigantic orgasm. Oh, it was great.
      Maeve: Your stories are so special, Aimes.
    4. Adam: I watch The Kardashians with my mum.
    5. Aimee: I just wanna be the old me again.
      Jean: Well, you may never be the old you, Aimee, but that’s okay.
    6. Jean: Do you feel that if you hadn’t smiled at him, he wouldn’t have assaulted you?
      Aimee: I don’t know.
      Jean: Had you smiled at strangers before?
      Aimee nods.
      Jean: And had that lead to them assaulting you?
      Aimee shakes her head.
      Listen to me, Aimee. What that man did to you on the bus has nothing to do with your smile or your personality and is only about him. And it is absolutely not your fault, do you understand?
    7. Ruby: I love you.
      Otis: Oh. That’s nice.
    8. Rahim (reading poem): I shed blood over what?
      Adam: You fell over?
      Rahim: A rectangle man so unremarkable. A boring horse. Its blah-blah eyes never open, never closed. His head shape so average.
    9. Adam: It was my poo, sir …
      Rahim: No, it’s my poo …
      Jackson: I also poo sometimes.
      Mr. Hendricks: Oh, God, don’t we all? I mean, what is this, Spartacus? Maybe it was my poo. Maybe it’s Miss Sands’ poo! She’s more than capable.
    10. Miss Sands: When I decided to be a teacher, I dreamt of helping students fulfill their potential by gently drawing out their inner creative gifts. Instead, I’m plunging their sh*t.
      Mr. Hendricks: You’re majestic.
    11. Otis: What are we gonna eat? I’m hungry – all the time! I’m panicking. Are you panicking?
      Maeve: No. We’re not gonna starve to death, Otis …
      Otis: Okay. This is bad. This is very bad. How do you say “help” in French … Adage! Je suis adage! (I am help!)
    12. Aimee: Right. Steve, you’re in charge of vulvas from now on. If anyone asks, the wobbly bits aren’t mistakes because …
      Steve: All vulvas are unique.
      Aimee: Good lad.
    13. Aimee: … I’ve been thinking about how you don’t really have a proper mum, and I want you to know that even though my mum has money, she’s also crap sometimes, too. So, I was thinking that we could be each other’s mums.
    14. Aimee: I wanna stand up for what I believe in more.
    15. Jakob: People deserve your whole heart, Otis. If you can’t give them that, it’s better they know. It’s the kinder thing to do.
    16. Viv: Because when shame is used as a weapon, it doesn’t just hurt people – it can damage them forever.
      Jackson: But the opposite of shame is pride.
    17. Eric: It’s like we’re in Ocean’s Eleven, innit? Maybe I’m George Clooney and you’re Brad Pitt … I’m Brad Pitt. You’re George Clooney.
      Otis: I’m Andy Garcia. If I’m anyone.
      Eric: Who’s Andy Garcia?
      Jackson: Okay, well, I’m gonna go while you boys hash that out …
      Eric: I think that Jackson is Rihanna in Ocean’s Eight. Cause of the bone structure and the eyes.
      Otis: I’ve not seen it.
      Eric: No? It was very good.
    18. Eric: You’re incredible.
      Ruby: I know.

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