3 Ways Businesses Can Make Money with YouTube

    YouTube is not just a video social media for influencers and brands to advertise but also for small and large companies to make revenue. From tutorials to vlog-type videos, companies can utilise YouTube as an essential tool in their revenue stream.

    Affiliate Links / Offers

    If you’re offering a service that can be embedded within your video ideas, then it’s worthwhile using affiliate links to your service. With this link, you can track conversions, bounce rates and revenue earned and see how many orders each video has brought in. From this, you can create a new content strategy and focus on content that converts viewers into customers.

    Ad Revenue

    If you’re becoming quite the popular channel, always consider attaching ads to your videos. Become a YouTube partner and truly utilise the power of ads by generating money from the ads your videos are displaying. Besides, you can add your revenue via having youtube merch as it is no secret that a lot of Youtubers are making successful merch nowadays. According to Promo Marketing Magazine, the top 20 sellers on Youtube earned more than $29.9 million from branded merch sales. For example, a Youtuber with 11,000 subscribers sells on average 6 pieces every month generating around $70 per month and $840 annually. 

    Supplier Collaborations

    If you’re an eCommerce store that sells products from specific suppliers, you could run collaboration videos and ask them for money to make them. This will give you a good idea of developing your relationship further with your supplier and maybe even making exclusive offers on the videos. 

    Final Thoughts

    So, if you’re considering using YouTube as a tool for revenue, make sure to use a YouTube revenue calculator to give you an extra hand to understand how much content and views you may need to produce to make it worthwhile for your business.

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