What Books and Movies Have Popularized Online Dating?

    Online dating has been the subject of numerous books and films, helping this form of romance gain quite a bit of popularity since its inception. The way that movies and books have portrayed online dating has been somewhat detrimental but also beneficial, leading some people to use this method to find love using the net. Take a look at some of the best stories featuring online dating that have ever been put on film.

    You’ve Got Mail

    You’ve Got Mail was the first popular film to broach the topic of online dating. Starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, this film featured two people using online dating to start a relationship with one another despite not fully investing themselves in it. In this film, Joe and Kathleen meet online ad develop a relationship, but they don’t know that they are not too fond of each other in real life. This is an interesting facet of online dating because it shows that you could live with someone next door and don’t even get to say “hello,” let alone get to know them and their personality. But then, when you register on a dating platform and meet this person online, you realize that this is what you’ve been looking for your entire life! People usually don’t meet on the streets in everyday life, so dating sites and apps come to the rescue. Nowadays, there is a huge selection of such sites for every taste, age, and interest. The Together2night site allows you to meet someone you crossed paths with in real life but did not pay proper attention to. The site has filters and geolocation, making it easy to find someone special in your area, maybe even living next door! Using online dating platforms like this one, you won’t have the same situation as Joe and Kathleen when you walk past your potential mate on the street.

    Must Love Dogs

    Must Love Dogs is another great movie about the vagaries of love and how online dating can help connect people who might seem too different to get along at first glance. As the movie title suggests, the film is about two people who meet on a dating site, but the caveat is that the woman suggests that any future suitors must love dogs. She meets a younger man, but neither one of them want a long-term relationship despite getting on well together. Must Love Dogs takes a roundabout way of getting to the genesis of their relationship, but it’s genuinely intriguing and shows that perhaps dating sites can help people find connections even if they do not seem right for each other at first.


    Although the teens in Eurotrip did not use an online dating site, the hint of a perfect relationship that permeated this film made more people want to try online dating than ever before. The story goes that a young man named Scott goes on an adventure with his three friends. He travels across Europe trying to get to the home of a beautiful young woman who he had accidentally spurned in a drunken rant, not realizing she was a woman at all. The story shows that it’s worth taking chances and getting out of your comfort zone, especially if you are thinking about using an online dating site.

    Sex Drive

    When you meet someone online for dates, the chances are good that they’ll want to meet up with you in person at some point. That is exactly what happens in Sex Drive, and Ian goes on a road trip with his friend to try and score. Things go crazy along the way, of course, but the film shows a good representation of what it’s like to meet someone, date them online, and then be overcome with desire!


    Catfish is an apparent documentary that follows a young man who starts a relationship with a woman on social media. Instead of finding out that she is the woman he had come to love from afar, it’s clear that she is not. The film follows the discovery of the deception, ultimately showing that some people are getting into online dating for attention rather than for a relationship. The film spawned a television show that uncovered others in these negative relationships.

    Online dating can be a fun, fulfilling way to meet people who are interested in romance. These stories showed the good and bad sides of dating online, with the good parts outshining the rest. It’s clear that this format of romance is so popular because people genuinely enjoy the anonymity, haste, and accessibility of this method of finding love.

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