How Art and Creative Pursuits Enhance Well-being

    There are not many people who do not enjoy some form of art. Art can be found in so many areas of life. Clearly in the form of painting or sculpture, however, film, dance, music, poetry, etc., are all forms of art. A good piece of art has the power to create an effect in the observer. It can change their mood. It can make them feel something new. However, this effect can be so much more powerful when someone partakes in a creative pursuit. By creating art and indulging thoroughly in art, you can boost your mental well-being. There is no doubt that art serves a beneficial purpose in our lives. However, have we ever stopped to consider why? Here are a few ways art can enhance your well-being:

    Your Brain-Power

    If you begin a creative activity, no matter what it is, from painting and writing to dance, it will impact the brain in a positive way. It enhances your brain waves and your emotions. It can also improve the nervous system. It raises serotonin levels too, which means that you become happier. It can help you with your memory, as a lot of artistic pursuits involve remembering things. Playing music can enhance the connection between your right and left hemispheres. Some of the best benefits are felt in older people. If they take up some form of performing art, like the theatre, or dance they can enhance their physiological well-being. It is also possible for them to improve their cognitive function within a month. More and more evidence suggests that art can improve someone’s mental health in so many ways. 

    The Social Aspect

    Art is by nature a social thing. You create something with an observer in mind. Whether it is writing or dancing, there will always be some form of social activity associated with it. Even if your particular activity appears solitary, like writing, you can always join a class or start a book club. After a while, you will want to share your art with other people to gain a deeper perspective on it. If music is your thing, you may want to play for an audience. You may join a music class and then you could visit musical events such as an Adele Concert together, to not only enjoy, but to discover more about the act of performing music. 

    Art is a form of Meditation

    We have all heard about the positive effects of meditation. It helps you reduce stress and to develop better mental clarity, which is a huge advantage in life. Seeing things clearly will help you navigate the best path. Well, by engrossing yourself in an artistic pursuit, this is like meditation. You become so focussed on the work at hand that in those moments, only you and the artwork exist. All your worries, troubles, stresses, and strains melt away, and you are one with the work. This can help you become happier and develop a better focus in life. It can also enhance your understanding of life itself too.

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